Maybe you can relate to this

Every morning you wake up in hopes to get through your day confidently without the added pressure of worrying about your appearance. Because of this, you find yourself making frequent shopping trips only to end up with a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear.

I get it we’ve all been there guilty of buying a bunch of stuff and never wearing it and if you do wear it, you only wear it once because you’re not sure how to style. Or maybe you have this false belief that the more clothes you have the more stylish you would be. Which in your case that means you can’t dress the way you want to because you don’t have the additional funds.

Maybe you’re a new mom and find that you don’t have the extra time to put yourself together anymore. You still desire to look good and trendy but with lack of time and uncertainty of what you should be adding into your wardrobe so you settle and wear the simple basics that doesn’t do anything for your confidence.


Does this sound like you?

  • You find yourself in a fashion rut with your wardrobe, so many items in your closet but it feels like you have very outfits to create?

  • In your opinion you’re pretty bad at putting outfits together, so you simply throw on a t-shirt and jeans.

  • You’re guilty of buying a bunch of clothes and never wearing any of it?

  • You desire so badly to be stylish but you’re afraid it won’t happen anytime soon because of lack of money.

One of those describes you perfectly, right?

I created the 90 Days of Chic Ebook to help eliminate the feeling of l frustration and feeling rushed in the morning when it comes to finding something to wear. You’ll be able to save time, money and frequent last minute trips to the mall because you now have a have a streamlined wardrobe.

With 90 Days of Chic, you will learn how to maximize your summer wardrobe with only 30 + items creating 90 outfit to get you through the Summer season.

  • You will get a complete shopping list of items you can include in your Summer wardrobe.

  • You will have exclusive access to our marketplace of exclusive shopping recommendations for you to shop at your own leisure.

  • 3 Months worth of outfit ideas that you’re able to tailor and structure to your existing wardrobe.

  • The beginners guide to creating a color palette for your wardrobe

All of these items will help eliminate the frustration that you have with impulse shopping such as, feeling frustrated getting dressed in the morning and the myth that you have nothing to wear.

This Is For You!

 90 days of Chic was created to help eliminate the daily frustration of having a closet full of clothes, but never having anything to wear. Think of 90 days of chic as a dictionary but for style. A style resource full of outfit ideas for you to re-create and tailor to your wardrobe.

90 day of chic follows the capsule wardrobe method. The point of a capsule wardrobe is to curate a small collection of items that are timeless and can be paired with seasonal pieces along with statement pieces. Essentially a capsule wardrobe helps to streamline your wardrobe allowing you to get the most out of items that you already own. However, this isn’t something that many are familiar with due to the belief that a capsule wardrobe is nearly impossible “ I mean how can you possibly create 90 outfits from only 30+ items? However, it’s extremely possible and with 90 days of Chic you will see first hand how it works.

90 Days Of Chic is for the woman who is in a rut with her wardrobe, but is looking to completely elevate her style without going on a huge shopping trip

You desire to dress stylishly , but feel like it’s only attainable if you have a lot of money.

You desire to feel in control of your style and regain confidence.

If You’ve answered yes, then the 90 days of Chic is perfect for you.

Are you ready to take a leap? Get your copy of 90 Days of Chic for only $26.99

Here is What You Will Get

90 Days of Outfits To Tailor To Your Wardrobe

3 months worth of outfit ideas for you to mix and match and structure to your wardrobe.

Shopping LIst

A complete Summer essentials shopping list + exclusive access to shop similar items or the exact pieces in our online marketplace.


The Beginners Guide To Curating a color palette

Creating a functional wardrobe often starts with a color palette! Receive the bonus beginners guide to creating a color palette


With “90 Days Of Chic” You will learn how to maximize your wardrobe using the capsule wardrobe method. Not only will you learn how, but I’ve done all of the styling for you. You will have 90 outfit ideas to reference throughout the Summer season which will allow you to shop your closet and maximize items that you may already have.

You will also receive a complete Summer essentials shopping list plus exclusive access to shop similar items or the exact pieces in our online marketplace.

You will also receive the bonus Beginners Guide to Curating A Color Palette as well as the style goals worksheets.

“I Help Women Shop Strategically, Dress Stylishly So they can live confidently”

Having majored in Fashion Design and with over 10 years of working in the fashion industry in showrooms, backstage at fashion shows, interning for one of Chicago’s top designers and even having some of my own designs featured in a Fashion show with one of Fubus co- founders. I still did not know the basics of what goes into a functional wardrobe. I just knew how to design.

In college I was the real life version of “Confessions Of A Shopaholic, using multiple debit cards just to buy clothes. Only to take the items home and wear them once. My closet was jammed pack, but somehow “I never had anything to wear”. During college l I fell into this rabbit hole of over consumption. There were times where I would rush to the latest store to purchase items not because I needed them, but because they were on sale.

This continued until I became a mom in 2016, after my daughter was born, I realized that I couldn’t fit anything in my wardrobe. So again I would shop. I had no idea what I was shopping for I just knew that I needed more clothes.

So during the first few months of being a new mom, I sat down, went through my closet and begin to document different ways I could style certain items to make sure that I am getting my money’s worth. I was tired of spending thousands of dollars on clothes only for them to sit in my wardrobe never to be worn.

That’s when I began to implement my own version of the capsule wardrobe. I noticed that most capsule wardrobes were boring and only consisted of traditional basics that didn’t reflect my personality or were just too basic. I developed 90 Days Of Chic to show women how to implement a stylish capsule wardrobe that is collective of wardrobe basics, essentials and most of all statement pieces.



How Will I Receive It?

Once you pay for the e-book via PayPal or Stripe, you will be redirected to a page containing your download link. There, you can download your e-book please make sure that you save it to your computer or device. You will also an email that contains  your receipt and a 2nd one that also contains your download link. If  for any reason you do not  receive the email containing your download link, please contact me at with your order number and I will send you your copy of the  e-book!

What Is Included

You will get a complete shopping list of items you can include in your Summer wardrobe.

  • You will have exclusive access to our marketplace of exclusive shopping recommendations for you to shop at your own leisure.

  • 3 Months worth of outfit ideas that you’re able to tailor and structure to your existing wardrobe.

  • The beginners guide to creating a color palette for your wardrobe

  • Plus the seasonal closet cleanse cheat sheet.

How Can I read my ebook

Once you purchase your ebook you will receive an email containing your download link. You will only be able to access the file so many times through the download link. So be sure to  save the file to your computer. Save it to mobile Apple devices like iPhones and iPads by saving the PDF to iBooks To access your ebook on kindle

Connect your device to computer via USB.

  1. Double click the drive to open it and view the folders.

  2. Select the item you want to transfer (mobi or pdf).

  3. Copy books to the folder (documents) under Kindle drive.

  4. Or you can also use the Send-to-Kindle email address.

I Don’t Like The Included Color Palette, Can I Create My Own?

Yes! The goal of 90 Days of Chic is to be used as a style dictionary or a resource to style your basic pieces. While the colors may be different than what you already own. The style philosophy and the way that garments are styled can be still be re-created.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

The term “Capsule Wardrobe” was coined in London in 1970 by a boutique owner Susie Faux. It’s a collection of a few essentials that can be styled multiple ways. The 90 Days of Chic ebook follows the core of the capsule wardrobe. You will learn how to not just maximize your core essentials but also how to incorporate statement pieces and styling prints.

Will this work for my body type?

Absolutely, 90 Days of Chic is size neutral meaning the information is general and can be applied to any size, or body type

What If I Want Similar Items?

You will have exclusive access to our online marketplace, where you will be able to shop similar items or the exact pieces. You will also be able to shop items that will be able to fill in the gaps of your existing wardrobe.

Is My Card Information Safe?

Yes! You head over to check out you will notice In your browser, https:// which means that you will be making a purchase from a safe site   Your credit card information is not stored, shared or saved.   All of our transactions are secured through Gumroad

If I don’t Like It Can I Get A Refund

Refunds are not available as the 90 Days Of Chic Ebook is a digital download.