After giving birth to my daughter I made the selfless decision to become a stay at home mom. Even though I was excited , a few weeks in, I realized that I would no longer be pursuing a career in Fashion and would be making a huge sacrifice. I was a new mom, uncomfortable with my new body and overall had lost my sense of style.

But, through my insecurities autumlove.com was birthed.........



But let's rewind for a second


What I blog about!

By day I am a personal stylist for one of the leading virtual styling services in the industry.

By night, I love to share fashion tips  to help women like me discover their personal styles, dress for their body type and live their most confident lives Stylishly....

I am obsessed with skincare, lipstick and mascara!

You will see that, through my beauty and skincare post.

I love sharing lifestyle hacks, whether it's via book reviews, how I plan my content or the latest apps I use to edit my photos.

And of course you will see a ton of post featuring my Daughter India!

After graduating from  the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago where I majored in Fashion Design. I received a grant to launch my own clothing line. But as I dived into the process, I realized that I was more so in love with the idea of becoming a designer.  I was still  in love with Fashion and more than happy with my decision to attend a art school. It was just not the time to start a clothing line.  So I started my blog to help create a buzz. However , I did not start my blog until my daughter was born.

But once I did....

My blog took off and I fell in LOVEm with creating content.....