18 Fashion Rules To Break


My style is constantly evolving, and with that, means that I make a ton of mistakes. One of the mistakes is following fashion rules that I really don’t agree with, or that are just completely outdated. I wanted to put together some rules that I think that we should just completely toss. Don’t get me wrong I am all for fashion rules, but some rules do not apply to the new wave of fashion that we are currently in. I think more women are becoming more aware of what personal style truly is.

Even more, having some sense of awareness of that you do not have to follow every single trend do or don’t that we have been taught. If you think about it, history has a way of making women feel that in order to be viewed a certain way you have to dress a certain way, speak a certain way in order to be socially accepted.. So I believe that some of these rules were created just for that.

Here is a list of rules that I think we can toss and leave them in the past!!


You have to match your accessories.

Yall, in middle school I would not leave the house without matching my accessories. Given that I love to match my accessories, but some days I don’t feel the need to. I’m all for if it looks good do it.

Your face needs to always look polished.

Ahhh!!! I’m not that biggest makeup person. Most days, I am completely bare faced. And on other days, I simply wear a cute lippy and skip over eye makeup. But that’s just me. Don’t feel the need to always have a super polished face. Be ok with being bare sometimes :)

Wearing too much of the same material.

I know we all want to match and look cohesive. BUT! Sometimes, it’s not just about the colors, it’s also about the materials you put together. To much of the same material isn’t always a good thing. It’s ok to mix leather with denim. Or denim with suede. I promise the world won’t end and I’m confident that depending on the silhouette and fit you can still slay.

Don’t mix black & brown.

You said what now? I always lived by the rule that black goes with anything. In fact, I love a nice brown trench coat paired with a black turtleneck and mom jeans.

Let’s just pretend that this rule never existed.

Never mix prints.

I’m assuming that whoever created this rule had no idea how to mix prints. And simply decided this was impossible… NOT TRUE In fact I wrote a blog post about how to incorporate prints and a color palette into your wardrobe. You can read more about it here.

Balance out your outfit

Proportions is key! And I think one that is always overlooked. Though this was never a rule to follow or break. I think we can all agree, that proportions is the perfect way to balance out your outfit. If your top is tight,and short


Less is more.

Layers are popular, and most of the time doesn’t require less, but requires more!! And by more I mean more texture and more variations in proportions. So of course I wouldn’t say let’s completely break this rule, but rather apply it to each outfit accordingly.

Don’t wear white after labor day.

Should this even be discussed?

Don’t mix metals.

This rule is so dated, in fact you can find that many accessories include two different types of metals! Actually my engagement ring included rose gold and silver which to me is the perfect combination.

You need to spend a lot to have quality items.

I can’t tell you how many times I have felt guilty because of this rule. I personally believe that you can find good quality items at brands such as The Gap, Zara, Express etc. I don’t think that you have to spend $200 + on one simple item for it to last long. With proper care you should be able to make your clothes last. However, we know that there are brands where you know the item will not last no more than a year.

Only wear colors that compliment your hair, eyes & skin.

UGH!!!!! This is probably the top rule that I hate!!! Don’t wear white if you’re skin is dark… SAYS WHO? In fact any rule that tells me to not wear a certain color because of my eye color, hair color or skin color is one that I have no problem skipping over.


Don’t wear all black.

When I worked on Michigan Ave in retail, we had to wear all black. You know why? Because something about all black makes you look more polished. Don’t get me wrong I love color, but as someone who went through a all black wardrobe phase, there is something so chic about an all black outfit.

You need to accessorize.

Along with my all black phase that I went through, I also gave up accessories. It just wasn’t my style at the moment. So if accessories aren’t your thing, feel free to skip them :)

Following trends that you don’t like.

Nothing more worse than trying to fit it. Wear what makes you feel happy, confident and comfortable.

You need to always have a manicure.

Not if I don’t want to! As long as you are not walking around with chipped nail polish you’re fine…. Unless that’s your style, than hey wear what makes you happy.

Wearing labels from head to toe.

I believe that true personal style isn’t all about the labels you wear, but rather taking simple items and making them look expensive!

Don’t wear bright colors in the Winter.

Winter is already gloomy due to the lack of sunshine for many of us, so adding a pop of color isn’t a bag thing. In fact could probably brighten your mood up much more.

What are some fashion rules you’re saying bye too?