5 Closet Organization Hacks You Should Try

5 Closet Organization Hacks You Should Try

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While it’s a great thing to get rid of those things that you never use and give them to someone who may be less fortunate or maybe you could use the extra cash.  But if you are a little undecided on if you are ready to purge it or not then no worries I have came up with 5 purging hacks before you toss it. 

Get Inspired

Get inspired! I know this may sound cliche but inspiration really helps you to see things differently. One of the reasons why we do a closet purge is often because we’ve
ran out of ideas on how to style those once favorite items. 

Maximize Your Wardrobe

Before you say goodbye, try to come up with at least 3-5 ways to style those pieces differently.Take pictures of your favorite looks so that way you can go back and remember how you were going to wear it.


Is too big or small? Take it to the seamstress and and see what can be done so you can wear it the way you want to.


Can you think of some cool DIY projects for that old top maybe change it into a crop top, tank top or maybe you can distress it. Remember get inspired the possibilities are endless.

And last but not least


Time is valuable so make sure after all of your thought and effort in to reviving your old favorite items that you wear it. If not then guess what TOSS IT?


Let me know if you tried anything on this list or some hacks of your own!What would you like to see next?

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