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So you have finally decided to get serious about your personal style. You are probably here because you have scrolled for hours on Pinterest searching for ways to style your favorite top. You have watched countless youtube try on hauls but none of those helped with finding your personal style but rather giving you more ideas on what to buy. So you shop for those few new items only to realize that you aren’t as confident with your style as you should be. The last thing you want to do is to become obsessed with your image despite the fact that it plays a huge role in running your business.

 This is totally normal girl, in fact the number #1 style roadblock that some of my clients start out having is not wanting to invest in their style because they are already spending a ton of money trying to leverage and grow their businesses. However, if your business involves branded photoshoots, attending  events, speaking engagements, in person client meetings and networking then getting your style together is gonna be crucial whether you want to believe it or not. Not only will your style help you secure more clients because you now look and feel more polished and professional. But having your own style can help to emphasize your brand. Your style can also spark curiosity making you more approachable and can be used as a conversation starter to further promote your brand.  If you are in a highly competitive industry it’s no secret that your style can separate your already unique and business savvy ideas. This blog series is going to give you everything you need to help you discover your style, shop appropriately and land your dream client.

Why Is Your Style Important

Before we dive into this post it’s important that we let go of some of the mental roadblocks that you may have. Such as your personal appearance isn’t all that important. While we would love for people to just focus on our  ideas and intellect, we know that is simply not the case. If it were there would be no need to dress up for a potential job interview right? Your style is often what’s going to get you into the door while your ideas and intellect is what’s going to give you much more access.

Another style roadblock that may be blocking you, is not understanding the power of visualization! Yes!  A little bit of manifestation goes into style as well. Here’s how, when you wake up and prepare for the day a lot of what you are  doing is preparation for the future. You plan your daily to do list because there is a big goal that you want to achieve in the future.  You exercise because you want to be healthy and alive in the future. You are actively preparing your present self for the future. You’ve already imagined how much money you would like to have, how your future body will look, where your career will be. But what will you be wearing? When you have finally got the body you desire, your clientele has grown what will you be wearing? You may have heard plenty of manifestation gurus tell you to tap into the feeling you want to have, when you finally achieve all that you have been trying to.

So before we go in further close your eyes and try to imagine very vividly what you will be wearing, how will you be feeling? Will you be confident? Will you be happy? Joyful? Imagine those things. This vision is what’s going to get you excited to further tap into your personal style.

I recommend grabbing a copy of the personal style workbook here it’s full of confidence building prompts journal prompts and the complete strategies to get your wardrobe together.

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Find Your Style Muse

Not everyone has a style muse, however finding one is a great starting point. Why? Because if you are not sure how to style outfits, how to put colors and patterns together then a style muse is going to be your guide. When finding your style muse, pay attention to the small details. Such as is she always wearing a jacket?  Does she wear her shirt tucked in? Your style muse will give you little clues on how you can possibly elevate your personal style. She will also be helpful when it comes to actually shopping and buying items that reflects your style.

Determine What Category Your Personal Style Fall In

As your style grows you will soon realize that your style may be a combination of things. But for now, try to figure out which style yours matches the most. Knowing what your style is will give you a bit of an idea of  what you should be looking for in terms of colors, patterns, prints etc. Typing your style isn’t necessary, in fact you may find that none of these styles represents yours at all. Which is good! That means you have a small idea of what your style is you just need help with defining it. When searching for different styles that may reflect yours, you can simply log on to pinterest and type in “ preppy style” or Boho fashion style. Here is the tricky part, I’ve noticed that when some of my clients save items to their Pinterest board, they are saving things that they admire but would never wear. So I recommend creating a separate board and title it “things I would wear” When saving things to your Pinterest board, it’s important to pay attention to detail. This is what most lack the eye for details. My goal is to always help my clients train their eye to detail so they can  be able to determine if something is really for them or not.

Once you are finished with selecting your style type, finding inspiration that fits your style closely. Fill out the Style Likes & Dislikes worksheet, in the Personal Styled Workbook. The Style Likes & Dislikes worksheet covers everything from the type of styles you like. Fabrics you like etc. 

Here are some of the most common style categories that yours may fall in:

  Let’s Determine  What Your Style Is

Minimalist- style is more simple and streamlined. Most minimalist wardrobes consist of little to no color at all. Basic pieces that are interchangeable.

Casual Style- Is just that casual. If your wardrobe falls in line with a more casual look. It means that you may have more t-shirts, jeans, leggings and cardigans. Casual style is different from a minimalist style wardrobe because most casual wardrobes consist of more color.

Classic Style- If your wardrobe falls in line with the classical style. Then your wardrobe would consist of button ups, blouses, blazers and trousers. Denim jackets and classic basic t-shirt.

Edgy Style- When I think of edgy style I think of things that are not of the norm. Such as dark lipstick,  fun and vibrant hair colors, playful and funky colors and silhouettes in your wardrobe.

Romantic Style- Romantic style is all about flirty and feminine pieces. Think ruffle  blouses, soft pink and lace dresses. Soft silhouettes and pastel colors.

Preppy Style- Think Gossip Girl Blair! The preppy style is inspired by the East Coast collegiate style. This may be your style if you’re into classic style button ups,pops of color and nautical themed style tops.

Boho Style- Boho style is my absolute favorite style. Now there are levels to achieving the boho style. When I think of boho I instantly think of Erykah Badu, or 90s  Lisa Bonet in the 90s. Boho is almost hippie style, but a bit more polished, think loose clothing, lots of floral, stacked bangles etc.

Glam Style- Sparkly, glittery  new years eve style but on a daily basis. The glam girl is always down to dress up. If this is your style then your wardrobe may consist of tons of statement pieces, faux fur coats and bright vibrant lipstick.

Sporty- Sporty style has been trending as of recently. Joggers mixed with crop tops, sneakers mixed with dresses. If this is your style you love to mix your glam pieces with your more sporty items. 

Document Your Style

Up until this point you got some key tips on discovering your personal style. We’ve talked about  using style to visualize/ manifest your future self, we’ve covered finding your style muse, determine which style category you fall in. 

But last is documenting your style. I like to have my clients do this during our initial meet and greet client session. Which is to document your style. This is important to do because  to be honest you already have your style! Yes you do, it’s more of taking what you already like about your style and enhancing it with other items that you do not have.

Documenting your style is quite simple for seven days straight simply snap  a picture of your outfit. At the end of each day ask yourself three questions.

What did I like about this outfit?

Is it reflective of the style I am aiming towards?

What do I dislike about this look.

You can get the full style challenge details in the workbook here

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This is method is to help you be more confident with staring at yourself and being, while also training your eye to pay attention the exact details that you like.

These are all starting points on discovering your personal style.In the next post we are going to go over the reason why you have nothing to wear. Which has a lot to do with shopping for items that don’t reflect your lifestyle.

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