How To Build Your Wardrobe From Scratch

How To Build Your Wardrobe From Scratch

Autum Love: How to build a wardrobe.

How To Build A Wardrobe

The Basics

I wanted to thank you all for all of your comments on last weeks post! I look forward to reading and responding to blog comments for many reasons. One reason it means that I am creating content that you guys love and content that you can benefit from!

This week it's all about Building A Wardrobe from scratch. So if your wardrobe is all over the place and you are tired of buying things to make your wardrobe work and fail, then this post is for you.

Autum Love: How To Build A Wardrobe.
Autum Love

One of the common frustrations I see when it comes to building a wardrobe is not knowing where to start. The very first thing I recommend if you haven't already is to define your personal style. I talked about defining your personal style before here

I have also written a short free ebook where I expand a little on Discovering Your Personal Style. You can download the workbook here as well.

Autum Love

Shop The Look!

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Once you have defined your style and identified your shopping needs. It's time to shop!

Your lifestyle needs will determine what you should purchase. Everyone's wardrobe essentials are different. You can take a look at my wardrobe essentials and use them as a  reference.

Wardrobe Basics

The core of your wardrobe is what you should start out purchasing.

Your core pieces are pieces that:

You will wear more than once

You can't live without

Can easily be paired with just about everything you own

I would normally say invest in your basic pieces because they will more than likely wear out. But to be honest most of my basic pieces are from stores like h&m, boohoo, and forever21

Your basic pieces should  not only reflect your lifestyle but also your personal style.

For example you may not be a jeans and plain T-shirt kind of girl. So your core pieces could be a top with some kind of detailing such as ruffles, or maybe you like tops with sequins. Instead of denim jeans you love wearing  skirts or dresses. You define what best suits your  wardrobe.

For me one of my core items for this summer is a T-shirt dress which can been seen in the picture. I like to say that my style is casual chic most days, I am also a stay at home mom so anything that is super easy for me to dress up is a win. T-shirt dresses fit in that category for me they can easily be paired with sandals, sneakers, a denim jacket, flannel etc  the options are endless.


Tell me in the comments below what you currently struggle with when it comes to your personal style.

Shop Wardrobe Basics

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My Summer Wardrobe Essentials

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