Books You Should Read To Help You Be More Creative

Books You Should Read To Help You Be More Creative

Autum Love

With the relaunch of my blog, I have been eager to learn different strategies that will help me create consistent, creative content.  For mothers day my request was to get the books that I have been eyeing for awhile.


How To Style Your Brand

Fiona Humberstone

Autum Love


I needed this book when I first started my blog back in October. I started out using the free Wordpress. Once I had the money I switched over to Squarespace, I struggled a lot with branding and getting my message across. I wish I had this book then. This is an amazing book if you are planning on branding or rebranding your website. She talks about how to get inspired and not copy off of your inspirations, but translate them to new fresh ideas.. She breaks down color theory, the different seasons in branding, mood boards etc. An amazing book, even if you plan on hiring a designer I really think this is a great book to read.



Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert

Autum Love

This book has been floating around the Instagram and Pinterest world for some time now. I tried reading the digital version a few months ago but I need the physically copy to really dive into this amazing book. There is nothing like having the physical copy of a book to highlight and take notes in. I've started reading this over the weekend. She talks about how fear and creativity  goes hand in hand. Fear will always be there but sometimes we have to get comfortable in our fears in order to do the thing that fuels us. I'm currently on the section where she talks about ideas. I wont give away to much detail, but I will say if you are one who tends to shy away from those creative ideas then this book is for you. I't's a must read


You Are A Badass

Jen Sincero

Autum Love

I've read this book a few times, but I've never finished it. I want to give this book another chance. Somewhere in the middle of the book it loses my attention. In a nutshell this book is all about changing your mindset and realizing that You are a Badass. 




Creative Confidence

David M. Kelley, Tom Kelley

Autum love reads

As I was purchasing Big Magic on Amazon, I always check out what other books were purchased from others. This book kept following me around in my search, not only that but it has 5 stars so I took that as a sign. 


Let's Chat!

What are you currently reading let me know in the comments below? If you aren't currently reading anything let me know what books you have read in the past to help you with your brand or personal life?