4 Fashion Trends That Are On My Radar

4 Fashion Trends That Are On My Radar

Summer Fashion Treat List

So if have been following me for awhile then you know how obsessed I am with www.boohoo.com  All of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe comes from boohoo. And before we go any further I must say that this post is not sponsored at all. I genuinely love boohoo from my personal shopping experience with them.

Every so often maybe 2x a week I sit on their site and get a ton of inspiration from the way they style their pieces and to get my shopping fix on. In the past I've ordered from them without any issues as far as quality and shipping. However, I have seen a few youtube videos with a few complaints ordering online is kind of a hit or miss you either like or you don't.

Ok so on to the post shall we!! 


Fringe Jeans

Honestly this is something that I wouldn't necessarily wear but I want to branch out and try new things with my style  and these are perfect! I prefer a more loose fit denim, i've never purchased any jeans from boohoo as I have to try on my pants before I purchase them. But I'm willing to give it a try.



T-shirt Dress

T-shirt dress are a staple in my wardrobe perfect for the winter, summer, fall easily to transition. So it's always good to have options.

Dramatic Sleeve Top

Ok I notice it's too hot for long sleeves at the moment but, not purchasing this top would be a disservice to myself I absolutely love this top. If this top is super thin then it will be perfect for those late cool summer nights and can easily be paired with a cute pair of shorts.


Co-ord Romper Set

Need I say more every woman needs a romper set. It's the perfect " I don't have anything to wear" outfit.

What are you favorite places to shop at, at the moment?


Leave a comment below!


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