3 Things That Being A Mom Has Taught Me

3 Things That Being A Mom Has Taught Me

3 Things That Being A Mom Has Taught Me

One year ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl ever, India Sarai. She just rocks my world and makes EVERY day adventurous. This entire first year of being a mom has been filled with many emotions from the feelings of joy, frustration, happiness, sadness, but most of all LOVE.

I've learned so much and I thought that I would share 3 things that I've struggled with on this journey of motherhood. Before I became a mom I was pretty much set on the thought that kids ruin your life, you can't do anything and you will be doomed. WHY? I don't know  I think most people who do not have children think this way and it's ok I guess but.. those thoughts are so wrong.

Life Becomes Clear

Seriously before becoming pregnant, I didn't really have a purpose to my everyday routine I was just going. But for me, my purpose has become clear and daily it's becoming even more clear. I know you don't have to become a parent to know what your purpose is. But I do know everyone's purpose is revealed differently and for me, I  need my daughter in this next chapter of my life. She just gives my life more meaning and more depth.


3 Things That being a mom has taught me

You Have To Love Yourself

We are all taught to love yourself, respect yourself and take care of yourself and this is so true. Especially when you're put into a position to be a leader (not just being a parent). I try my hardest to take care of myself and show respect to myself because my daughter is watching. It's so easy to lose yourself being a new parent. But I would be doing a disservice to myself If I used my daughter as an excuse as to why I can't love me and take care of me! I've made it a priority to workout because it makes me so happy, and to do all the things that makes me Autum.  When I am happy it rubs on to my daughter (literally our house is filled with happy squeals ).

You can still pursue your goals

This is what made me so afraid to become a momma, once I told a few people I was pregnant I kind of got the "oh your life is over look" Even after I gave birth to my daughter I was convinced that my life was over and I was only good enough to JUST be a mom. But that's not true,  maybe you have to make a few sacrifices but don't let those small sacrifices determine who you are, and what you are capable of doing.


Obviously I've learned a ton of other things but these main things that I talked about are things that I really struggled with mentally!! I'm slowly overcoming this small thinking and it's a day to day struggle but this too shall pass. 

I wouldn't have learned how amazing of a woman I am and what I am capable of without my daughter! 

Happy Birthday India!

3 Things That Being A Mom Has Taught Me