25 Affirming Books To Read To Your Daughter

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India’s favorite time of the day is a healthy combination between drawing, or story time. Recently, I’ve decided to incorporate more books that will begin to plant healthy seeds into her mind in regards to confidence. She is two years old and I have noticed that she’s starting to notice her hair and loves staring into the mirror.

As a woman/ girl myself I know all to well the importance of instilling confidence into children at a young age. My goal is to raise a confident little human, because I believe that confidence is often the gas behind a lot of hard decisions that we make. Especially when it comes to making friends, determining career goals and moral decisions. A person that lacks confidence in self normally have the tendency to be either toxic or tend to settle for less than what they truly deserve.

It’s important for me as a mom to make sure that India isn’t getting her confidence from what the world/media tells her to be. But rather from home, I’m grateful for the time that we live in now so many amazing authors are able to publish books that affirms little girls especially little brown girls. Because, most of us know first hand the struggle many African American girls go through when it comes to their hair and even skin color.

I’ve put together a list of some of the books that we already own or plan to purchase soon.

Let me know in the comments below of other books I should be adding to this list.