3 Fail Proof Ways To Discover Your Personal Style


When it comes down to discovering your personal style, it’s really all about cultural influences, lifestyle needs, fit preferences, along with personal likes and dislikes. So why is it so hard to pinpoint what’s exactly your style? As a digital stylist, it’s the one problem that many of my clients have.

I often hear, “ I want to switch up my style, I wear the same items but I really don’t know what I like”

But I also hear I want to look trendy, and I want to look like this person” In my personal experience it really comes down to owning what you like, but also giving yourself room to experiment.

The Journey Of Self Discovery

Finding your style is a journey that you have to be intentional about. Growing up and even still to this day I kind of get the side eye because of my love for fashion, to one it may come across as being materialistic but to me, it’s always been a journey of figuring me out. To some, getting dressed up is to grab the attention of another, but when you really think about it, it’s all about dressing up as/for your higher self. Some may have an idea of who they want to be in the future, but may not know that they can show up as that person today.

So the first thing to help you discover your personal style is to figure out who you’re dressing for. Are you dressing to get attention? Because you want to feel good about yourself? Or, because you want to dress the part for your job? Whatever it is, your journey to discovering your personal style starts with these questions.

Next, is taking some time to really figure out what you like, do not worry about styling at this point. Let’s really go back to the basics and get an understanding of the different elements of your style you prefer.

What type of fabrics do you like against your skin? Do you prefer your clothes to fit loose, or do you prefer your clothes to be fitted? What silhouettes and prints do you gravitate towards? These are just a few other questions that I think are so important but are not always thought about.

I go over these small fundamentals in the edit your style workbook which you can download here.

During the style discovery process I recommend shopping at places that you would have never thought to shop at. I honestly recommend starting at the thrift store, because nothing is styled and put together yet. This gives you the opportunity to really figure out what you like. However, this topic is a whole different blog post that I will share soon on how thrift shopping can help you discover your personal style.


Shop The Look

Analyze What You Already Have

Secondly, I recommend taking a step back, go through your wardrobe and examine the things and the items that you can’t live without. Those are keys that will help get closer to discovering your personal style. Get rid of the items that you have not worn in years, and make room for new items. If you’re not sure what to shop for, I recommend going over your lifestyle needs and determine what you want to look like, and how do you want to feel for those occasions.

Your wardrobe should be able to compliment not just your 9-5 but your weekend life, or any other activities that you may be involved in. For me personally working from home, I have a ton of lounger wear pieces. Not just sweat pants & sports bras although those are my go-to pieces that I’m always reaching for. But loungewear goes so much deeper than that and I think if done right you can pull of a loungewear outfit and walk outside and no one will even notice it. For example, my loungewear items that makes me feel a bit fancy while walking around the house, are my cotton wide leg pants. They are super stretchy so I can sit indian style at my computer desk, but I can also walk outside and grab a coffee and still feel dressed appropriately.

You can check out this post here, I did recently on finding wardrobe essentials for your lifestyle.


Create a Fashion Binder

Lastly, I recommend creating a fashion binder. It’s something that I have been doing since I was a pre-teen. My fashion binder is pretty much a binder full of magazine images of different styles that I want to recreate. I know that everything is digital now and there is Pinterest, but there is something about having these images in paper format that really helps you to examine the details.

For those days when I have no clue what to wear, I always refer to my binder that has images that are more inlign with my personal style.

Would you guys like to see what my fashion binder looks like? Let me know in the comments below!

Be sure to download a copy of the edit your style workbook here!



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