3 Ways To Adjust Your Outfit

The title of this post sounds a bit harsh, right? But  I must say this as a stylist I’m always hearing “it won’t look right on me” and given there may be times will just not suit you based on body type etc. But!!! We have to talk about the other times when each outfit doesn’t come out the way you want it to. For the most part, it’s not always about that specific garment, but rather about the small tricks that are often overlooked.

There are certain style tricks and methods that are meant to complete the look.


The Wrong Undergarments!

I have been guilty of this and still is. But the proper undergarments are so important. The wrong bra may not give the right support you need for that wrap blouse. The wrong underwear could have panty lines showing or can just be plain uncomfortable throughout the day.

You have the wrong shoes!

When I first moved to Chicago and finally had my own money, I would spend so much money on clothes and would rarely buy shoes. Then I realized that no matter how I styled my outfit my shoes ruined the whole look because I would stick to buying all black shoes. Now I am not saying go out and splurge on various shoes. Nope! I’m just saying be more strategic with your shoe purchases. If you have a functional wardrobe that’s based on a color palette you will be able to determine the styles and color of shoes you need for your wardrobe.


You Don’t Accessorize

I went through a stage of no accessories! Hello, new mom here! There was a time where necklaces and earrings were a huge no-no. But now that my daughter is much older, I can finally add my necklaces and earrings into the mix. But! Who says that jewelry was the only way to accessorize. Nope, it’s not! This could be something as simple as:

Wearing your jacket slightly off your shoulders.

Stacking your rings

Tying  a scarf around your handbag

OR!! Buying a statement handbag!

OR!! A statement top! Adding some sort of statement piece into your outfit will always help you if you do not like jewelry

Now, this is just a small list of things you can do to help you put together better outfits!

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