5 Habits of a Confident Woman

 If you would have asked me if I was confident prior to being a mom, I probably would have said "yes".  For me, confidence was just loving my physical appearance and not comparing my looks to anyone else.  You will hear this a lot from me on the blog, but motherhood has really made re-evaluate my purpose, my career goals, as well as my standards. I know this isn't the case for everyone. Some women have all of this figured out long before becoming a mom, or without ever becoming a mom. This has a lot to do with different growing pains that happen to us, throughout life. So giving birth for me was a huge shift, not only for me but other women as well who experience this shift. 

Looking at my daughter, I see how valuable she is, how much of a light she is to the world. And this has made me realize that "hey, if I see this in my daughter, then surely these are qualities in myself that I have as well". There are certain standards that I want my daughter to have throughout life, and in order for her to hold those standards, it has to be taught. And though I can verbally share how she should carry herself, I think the most valuable lessons are often learned through my actions.

mom jeans, leopard blazer, natural hair, black fashion blogger

With that being said, I really did some soul searching to figure out what exactly I want for myself. But also what does confidence truly, truly mean to me. So today, I want to share 5 areas that I'm working towards daily to be more confident.

"You are Valuable"

Knowing your worth will get you very far in life because you're not settling for less than you deserve. Often times we as women have a very hard time saying no. We don't want to hurt anyone or make anyone feel intimidated by our standards. Everytime you say yes to something that isn't for you, you're not only settling but you're taking scraps. Maybe it's because a part of us feel as if we won't get any other opportunities, so saying yes to this one thing would save us from the disappointment of never achieving what we truly set out to do

mom jeans, leopard blazer, natural hair, black fashion blogger

"Protect your energy"

Along with knowing your worth comes with protecting your energy and being mindful of how people respond to your excitements and passion. Be mindful of who you share your dreams and your plans with. You have to protect your space and those things that you are most passionate about. Set boundaries for what you share and what you do not share. Do not allow people to occupy a space in your life that consistently releases toxic energy.


mom jeans, leopard blazer, natural hair, black fashion blogger

"You Will Never Be Ready.... Until you start"

With confidence you have to be ok with taking risk, investing in yourself and not expecting, others to  do it for you. When you're confident in yourself and your gifts, there is no need to fear failure, because with failure you have the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and new levels of growth.

mom jeans, leopard blazer, natural hair, black fashion blogger

"Give more"

The secret is in giving when you open your hands to give selflessly, you have to understand that more will be returned back to you. 

"Speak kind words to yourself"

Every woman needs a few affirmations that she can recite silently to herself throughout the day. After giving birth to my daughter, I had to learn that the only way I was going to get back to me and be able to do all of the things that I desired was if I changed the way I spoke to myself.

mom jeans, leopard blazer, natural hair, black fashion blogger
mom jeans, leopard blazer, natural hair, black fashion blogger