5 Savvy Shopping Habits To Live By

5 Savvy Shopping Habits To Live By

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I always feel under pressure when shopping at a physical store,  I  normally have a ton of things in my arms to buy and then before reaching the check out I either chicken out and put everything back, or I buy everything and regret the purchase. I mean who likes the dressing room ? Not me. I rather try it on when I get home. But then who wants to go through the struggle of returning a ton of clothes? I believe that as  humans we naturally find it hard to make decisions under pressure, and with social media it may feel like we're constantly under pressure to keep up.

With any decision making,  we tend to pay attention to  details that are irrelevant losing focus of what we really should be accomplishing aka buying 5 extra items at Target when you really just needed diapers and  baby wipes.... I'm guilty.

But I must admit, there are some days when I am the best shopper, I get what I need and if I do decide to get something extra I end up loving exactly what I purchased.

Does It Reflect Your Style?

Before making your final purchasing decision, go ahead and give the garment a once over. Does it really reflect your overall aesthetic? Or did you see someone in it and are just attracted to how the garment looks on them.? I'm guilty of this, I have been so inspired by the cinched slip dress trend, I know it's not really my style. But,I seen it on someone else and I acted on impulse and bought the item anyway. Once I got home to try it on, I did not LOVE the way it looked on me. So as a result I went back and returned it along with a few other items.

Which leads me to my next point, make sure you ask yourself , how you feel about the overall components such as the fabrics, silhouettes, colors and/ or details.

Make sure that they are all inline with you style preferences. 

All of the small components that we tend to overlook are what makes our style personal.



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How to style a faux fur scarf

How Versatile Is it?

I'm all about functionality. In fact if I can't come up with at least 5 different ways to style  a single item then I probably don't need it. The older I get the more I realize that I prefer a closet that is  interchangeable, rather than a ton of items that can be styled only one way. Also, because I work from home, I like to purchase pieces that are stylish and comfortable. They have to be functional in a sense that I can wear them to brunch or  a casual outing. I tend to purchase less items that  consist of prints because I find that having a ton of prints in my wardrobe,  limits   how much I am able to wear a certain piece.

So these are some new things to think about when shopping, does it fit your  lifestyle? Will you really wear it? Are you able to style it in more than one way?

Fit & Comfort

If you are going to spend money on something, it's important to make sure that you love the way you look in the garment and that it fits you properly. There are certain stores that I do not shop at for this very reason.  Fit is very important a certain style may look good on you, but because certain brands size their garments differently you may just assume that, that style is not for you. While, I believe it's important to find a brand that creates garments that fits you the way you want them to fit, along with how you want to feel when wearing a garment. I know many of us love to shop at stores that offer trendy pieces for half the cost. But if you find that you are constantly having to repurchase certain pieces, you will save more by just purchasing pieces that are of quality


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