6 Personal Style Tips That Will Work In Your Favor

6 Personal Style Tips That Will Work In Your Favor

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One things that many postpartum mommy's  can agree on is the empty baby bump that lingers after you have given birth to your child. A few months after getting adjusted to mommy hood I realized that I could not fit any of my clothes!

Not only that, but I did not know how to style my new body. Now a year later I've shed a few pounds but my tummy is still here. And while I could sit and cry about it ( I have in the past). I realized that adjusting to my body can be fun. My goal was to have a flat tummy by this summer so I could wear crop tops well that flat tummy part will have to wait until next year, but as for crop tops I've managed to get the crop top goal accomplished.

I'm gonna be sharing with you a few tips below on how you can style your postpartum body.

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Wear darker colors

I love black it's a staple color in my wardrobe, however I love color as well. The look that i'm wearing is a perfect example of balance. I wore the black bottoms to take the focus away from my trouble areas.

Draped Tops

Now me pre-pregnancy style I always wore draped tops or a baggy t-shirt. But i've noticed that they are perfect  to hide those problem areas.

Cardigans, Long Vest and Jackets

A few weeks ago when I mentioned my style uniform I mentioned that long dusters, cardigans, and vest are staple items in my closet. They lengthen your torso area distracting  the eye from  your belly.

Layers are your Best Friend

FIT and Flare

Fit and Flare dress are the perfect balance for those who love their clothes the be more fitted.

Don't hide your tummy or curves!

We naturally want to hide those parts that we dislike but sometimes you just have to embrace what you deem as flaws.

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Why Your Personal Style Is Important.

Why Your Personal Style Is Important.