7 Mistakes You're Making In Your Wardrobe

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7 Mistakes You're Making In Your Wardrobe

Last week, we talked about the "Top Wardrobe Staples You Need, to Always Look Stylish". The feedback was amazing! Many of you know that by day I am a personal stylist for a styling service. I get to work with many women, sharing how they can maximize their wardrobe with items they already own. I'm also the queen of finding deals and similar items that they may be searching for. One of the questions that I received from one of my clients was " I have a closet full of clothes, but I never know how to style items or if I am buying the right things, I normally just go to the store when I run out of things to wear".

I got so excited about this question! Because, I am a firm believer that if you have a closet full of clothes then, sis, you have a ton of options. It's all about organizing your wardrobe to be more functional.

But, before we get into closet organization which will be next weeks post.  Let's talk about mistakes that you may be making! The reason why I am not speaking on closet organization yet, is because this will be a great eye opener when it comes to actually cleaning, and organization.

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Mistake # 1

Copying someone else's style

When it comes to discovering your style, you're more than likely gonna draw inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities or bloggers etc. But, to flat out copy every single thing that you see, will only hurt you in the long run. Because what's going to happen is, you will find yourself standing in your wardrobe, frustrated, not because you don't have anything to wear, but because your wardrobe consists of items that you wouldn't wear.


Off the shoulder top, how to style a how the shoulder top, what should I wear, american eagle jeans,autumlove

Mistake #2

Impulse Shopping

We all get the urge to shop when we're bored, shop when we're sad, and shop because, hey it's payday.  But buying things, for the heck of it only hurts you when "you don't have anything to wear". Sometimes impulse shopping isn't therapy, sometimes shopping can become a way to avoid a situation instead of facing it full on. So we tell ourselves like hey le'ts shop when we're really just adding physical baggage on top of our already existing emotional baggage. Impulse shopping isn't always a good thing, I'm not anti-impulse shopping, just be more mindful if you find yourself adding things to your wardrobe that you never touch.


Mistake #3

Not shopping for your lifestyle

Shopping for your lifestyle is key. However, I understand how difficult can be especially if you have a profession that requires you to work at odd hours and you are expected to wear a uniform. If this is you the balance could be buying a few key pieces that can be dressed up or down and are easy to transition. You can map out your wardrobe, and determine what you need using this guide that I created for you here.

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Mistake # 4

Your closet is not organized.

Once you have items in your wardrobe that will accommodate your lifestyle, it's the organization that gets tricky! There are several ways you can organize your wardrobe. You can color coordinate your items, you can organize by categories. Or you can organize by the items you know you will reach for and that will be in constant rotation. Make your closet functional for YOU. So many ways we can go about this, but what's most important is that you can find what you need when you need it.

Mistake # 5

You don't understand your personal style

I've worked with many clients who would like for me to help them come up with different outfits, using items that they already own. Only to realize, that they dislike what's in their closet. Nothing fits their personal style, but it's functional for their daily life. So just make sure when shopping for your lifestyle, you also buy things that reflect your personal style.

Mistake # 6

Too many trends, not enough basics or Too many basics, not of statement pieces.

I love shopping for trendy items! I went through a period where my wardrobe only had basics and not enough trendy items, that would add a bit of personality into my wardrobe. But you can also have way too many trendy pieces as well. Balance is key, trends are fun, but having a wardrobe that's balanced with basics and trends will give you more functionality when it comes to maximizing your wardrobe.re

Mistake # 7

You haven't downloaded the Ultimate Wardrobe Checklists & Workbook!

 I created this workbook to be a thought starter, on how to curate a functional and cohesive wardrobe that will allow you to,  slay in every area of your life.


After giving birth to my daughter, I had to get used to the new lifestyle that I had as a stay at home mom. So that meant really figuring out how I wanted to look and feel on a day to day basis. I did not know where to start, or how to really shop.

So I did my research and created my own strategies which is how I came up with  

The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist & Workbook. 

What's Included

  • Assess your lifestyle worksheet

  • Give you an idea of what you need to be adding to your wardrobe, using 3  wardrobe checklist for different areas of your life.

  • Links to shop my favorite stores

  • My favorite Style Hacks

Download your copy here!

Off the shoulder top, how to style a how the shoulder top, what should I wear, american eagle jeans,autumlove