7 Ways To Prep Your Fall Wardrobe


You guys tend to love my fall wardrobe prep post that I do annually! So I am excited to start kicking out some fall content.  I am all about shopping for the latest & greatest fall trends and essentials. So this post will get you ready to go for the upcoming season.

Analyze Your Closet

Before you go shopping it’s important to analyze what you already have. I’m sure that your fall items were packed away. So you may have some new items that you purchased last year and never got around to wearing. So now is the time to bring those items out. When analyzing your existing wardrobe you want to do a seasonal closet detox. Get rid of the items that are either too small, destroyed or you know that you will never wear them. Analyzing your existing wardrobe is a great opportunity to create new outfits out of clothing that you already have. While also giving you an idea of the items that you could potentially shop around for. 

Be sure to download the wardrobe essentials checklist which is included in the outfit formula workbook here.

  Determine the type of style you’re going for

What type of style are you going for, for the fall season? Knowing this will give you head start and also some direction. For example, if you are going for a more relaxed look for the fall season you will be able to pull out the items that you already own that reflects that style. This will also help you determine the type of items you should & shouldn’t be getting rid of. I recommend creating a new Pinterest board for this. This will help to be sure that you are on track.

Develop a color palette


If you do not have a  color palette I highly suggest creating one, by creating a color palette you're giving yourself more freedom and functionality when it comes to styling your outfits. Instead of shopping every time you "run" out of something to wear. Your wardrobe will become a collection that allows all of your items to be interchangeable! When you do shop, having a color palette will help you to stay on track. 


 Grab your seasonal wardrobe basics & statement pieces

If you have ever felt that you had a closet full of clothing and nothing went together or you still struggled with finding something to wear. It’s probably because you don’t have your core wardrobe-essentials and statement pieces. Having these items in your wardrobe will ensure that you have a healthy foundation to shop and build off of.

Analyze  Your Lifestyle

Make a note of all of the special occasion events that you may have to attend. This will help you from shopping and rushing for a last-minute outfit. 

Before shopping, I always assess my lifestyle needs first. I talk about this all of the time, but a huge part of knowing what to shop for is understanding your lifestyle needs. Because I’m home about 85% of the time, I need comfy clothes. But, I also love to get dressed, I feel much more productive if I am in something that makes me feel “successful” and put together. Plus I am a digital stylist so that would be kind of weird giving style advice in my pajamas, just saying.

Create a shopping list

After creating a color palette, you then want to write a in-depth shopping list. This list is your lifesaver and if done correctly can be a game-changer. My shopping list always starts with my style goals in mind. From there I add items that compliment my lifestyle needs. When it comes to lifestyle needs, make sure you’re not just shopping for work and the gym. Add those other errands that you may do occasionally. Like running errands on the weekend, hanging out with friends you want to make sure you have clothes for those occasions as well.


It’s Time to shop

The items featured in this post were gifted to me from FemmeluxeFinery I always love picking out items from FemmeluxeFinery because they always have a healthy mix of loungewear items that you can dress up or down. The Grey Oversized Loungewear set that I have on is my favorite! I got it in a size s/m because I wanted it to fit in a bit snug. The best part is that you can dress this look up or down. It’s currently 50% off so you can go and shop it now here!

Next, is the Dusky Pink With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set , I’ve been eyeing this set for awhile and decided to go for it. I love how it fits. The pants are not too snug and the crop hoodie is the perfect fit. I got this set in a size 8. You can go and shop that look here.

The Black Bardot Knitted Frill Top is my favorite and will definitely work for the fall! I decided to wear this look with a pair of vintage high waisted jeans and the cutest hat for a complete 90s vibe look.

Last but not least is the Khaki Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set which you see me in below minus the top. I thought I wanted to switch this look by dressing the look up further with a white wrap blouse.