Fall Wardrobe Essentials Style Guide

Fall Wardrobe Essentials Style Guide

You know what makes me so excited to continue blogging?

When I receive comments or messages from you all telling me how much you enjoy reading the blog and how you use my blog as a reference for your daily outfits. It makes me excited because that's one of the reasons why I started this blog.

Back in the myspace days when blogs fashion blogs were slowly rising, I would spend hours on different blogs preferably Karlas Closet trying to figure out how I too could dress like her.

I failed miserably mainly because I didn't quite understand the significance of wardrobe basics, and personal style. Which is why I created the seasonal style guides, I wanted something that would inspire you to work with what you have in your closet.

I created Fall style guide around wardrobe basics such as the t-shirt, blazer, trench coat etc.

These are items that just about every woman has in her closet, and if you are at a stump with your wardrobe, this guide will help you figure out what you need in your wardrobe in order for you to create multiple looks etc.

It's not about the quantity of what you have in your wardrobe it's about the quality and the different combinations with what you have. Creating 5 looks from 1 top and a few other basics are the goal that I think many are searching for.

So let's not get too caught up in the thought that you NEED to buy this in order to be stylish work with what you have because I can almost assure you that you have more then you think.

You can download your copy of the Fall Style Guide here!

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