Fun Learning Activities For Toddlers

Fun Learning Activities For Toddlers

Learning Kit

Many of you know that I am a stay at home working mom.  India is not in daycare yet, so it's important that I implement different learning activities with her daily. As a mom, you are constantly being bombarded with so many new products, and honestly it get's expensive. Not only that, at India's age she gets bored with certain toys very easily. So I wanted to find something different that would not require screen time on her tablet.

After doing a ton of research I came across the Teach My Toddler Learning Kit.

India's Learning Kit

This kit is perfect! Whenever India is ready to learn which is about twice a day she will go and drag the kit to me because it's a little bit too big for her to pick up.

What's Included

I purchased my kit on Amazon for about $23.00 after doing a little bit of price matching, it appears that, that is how much you would pay if you decided to pick it up from Walmart or Target. 

The kit includes:

Teach My Toddler The Alphabet Learning Set

Teach My Toddler Numbers to 10 Learning Set

Teach My Toddler Shapes Learning Set

Teach My Toddler Colors Learning Set

Each set comes in a plastic folder that holds a board book, poster, foam puzzles & flashcards. So in total, you get:  

4 Board Books

4 Full-Size Posters

5 Foam Puzzles

50+ Flashcards

That's a lot for the price and it's definitely worth every penny. Everything is in one place and I love how it comes with a teaching guide and storage case.

As you can see India loves her kit actually as I am working on this post she is sitting next to me with the ABC book. 

Also, no worries momma if you have a little one who is younger or older than India , as there is a "Teach My Baby Learning  Kit" as well as a "Teach My Pre-Schooler Learning Kit.

Learning Set
Learning Tools
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