Get Glowy Hydrated Skin: My new favorite product

Raffaele Ruberto Face & eye serum

Many of you may have heard of "The Beauty Biologist" or Raffaele Ruberto. Honestly, I've been out of the loop and have not heard of him or any of his products until I was sent the Anti-Aging face & eye serum. 

I was a little hesitant to try out this product as I have NEVER tried an Anti-Aging product.

Many of Raffaele Ruberto's products are ORGANIC which is amazing. This product is to address the 5 stages of aging while enhancing the contouring effect of makeup!

After a week of using this product before applying my makeup, I can definitely see a huge difference in the way my makeup now appears.  I think it acts as the perfect primer while minimizing large pores. My makeup lays smoother and my skin looks hydrated. However, I have not seen any difference as far aging goes, that could just be because I don't have any fine lines or wrinkles but most days I do have an appearance of puffy under eyes.

My first impression when opening this product was that I was not going to like it because it had such a strong masculine smell. When it comes to face products I do not like to smell them throughout the day. Once this product was applied to my face the smell instantly went away. The consistency of the product is very much of an oil based product which is perfect.



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What product are you currently using to keep your skin Glowy & Hydrated!