How I Plan & Organize My Blog Content

How I Plan & Organize My Blog Content


If you follow me on social media, for the most part then you will know that I am extremely diligent in whatever I put my mind to. But not only that I am super organized and run on a strict schedule in order to maintain discipline and motivation. Honestly, since i’ve started blogging I have have been able to secure sponsorships that have been both paid and gifted. I’ve been able to work with some amazing brands and even help with photoshoots and have been featured on some amazing blog by other content creators.

At this point, I’ve been blogging consistently for about 3 years now. But, I have had several blogs in the past including a youtube channel that wasn’t as successful. Looking back it was because of my lack of discipline along with my lack of organization skills. I didn’t know that if I would have just worked harder and kept going, I probably would have been a lot further than I am now.

Motherhood gave me the ability to work despite my feelings of frustration, and I’m so happy that blogging and creating content has come back to me full circle.

Today I wanted to share with you guys how I plan and organize my blog content. I have two systems that I use. One is my editorial calendar, at the end of 2018 I sat down and looked at all that I had accomplished and done. I created a lot of content, but I felt that the content I created last year wasn’t connecting the dots. Meaning that , my blog post and overall message was all over the place.

If you don’t know I am a digital stylist for a styling service. What that means is that I’m basically a personal stylist who is able to work remotely with clients from all across the world. I started my blog initially to be the go to source for style tips and full on wardrobe maximization.

But my content wasn’t connecting to that. With these things in mind I created an editorial calendar that allowed me to plan content for the first quarter of the year.

Including this blogpost!


How To Create a Blog Strategy

The first thing I did was define what I wanted my blog/brand to be known for. For me that is the go to digital source teaching women how to develop their personal style, maximize their wardrobes while balancing motherhood. This means that the content that I create should reflect my overall mission/ goal.

From there, I themed each month based around the holiday or a product launch. This month I created a new freebie opt -in which is the “Edit your style workbook” I also launched 2 digital products which is the Revenue Planner & Content Calendar along with my Editorial Calendar.

With these two launches, I broke down each product into small blog post that will not only share my expertise, but will provide resources to really help women the way I want to.

Next I created and scheduled my content on my editorial calendar for select days during the month of January. I also, made it a point to create Instagram captions for each of those post which will drive the traffic from Instagram over to my blog.

This has helped me so much because I now know what to say and when to say it on Instagram. Often I have to make up a caption on the whim, but having everything well thought out beforehand saves me so much time.

How To Come Up With Blog Post Topics

A great way to help you come up with blog post ideas is to read your blog comments or Instagram comments. If you still aren’t sure yet, ready your dms, what are people asking you? What do your audience responds to more? This are all great ways. You could also check out other bloggers, or youtube video comments for topic ideas as well.

You could also theme your days, that way you have more of a tight schedule to go by. Another thing I like to do is read and study my favorite magazines, magazines have a ton of great articles that you can draw inspiration from.

I thought I would share with you all, the exact editorial calendar that I use every single day. You can grab your copy here

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