How Motherhood Influences Self-Love

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This will be my second Valentine's Day as a mom. 8 years ago when I first moved to Chicago I went through my first heartbreak! I'm sure every woman remembers their first heartbreak. You think the world is going to end, but really life gets better :) So now here we are five years later and I'm a little proud of those moments in my early twenties because they shaped my outlook on life and prepared me for my now family.

Being a mom I've learned just how much I'm capable of! Before having my daughter, I was under the impression that motherhood would drastically slow my life down. I mean DRASTICALLY!But once my daughter was born, I realized that that wasn't so, for me. To say the least, my daughter pretty much woke me up and showed me how much harder I could work and how much I am truly capable of.

What made you realize you were “sleeping on yourself”?

Pre-mommy Autum I was pretty much-giving half of myself towards, my work and goals.Once I became a Stay-At-Home-Mom, something just clicked. Like "Autum you don't have time to waste. Get up and make it happen".

What is the biggest thing that caused you to “sleep on yourself” in the past?

In the past, I was notorious for doing halfway through.  One of my teachers from design school would always yell at me and say "AUTUM, you gotta stop being lazy and think"  I wasn't a critical thinker, I didn't want to put in extra work because I felt that it wasn't necessary. I thought that if I was talented I shouldn't have to work hard. And so because of my mentality then, I got half the results.

How has “sleeping on yourself” had an effect on your life?

Well, my work ethic has changed a lot, I'm ok with working twice as hard now because I'm at a place in my life where I have discovered my passions and I"ve seen what giving half of yourself can essentially hold you back.

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Do you have any insecurities that people actually compliment you on or see as something positive?

Well, this is a good question, because lately my insecurities has been that I'm not good enough, that I'm wasting my time, no one cares and that I'm just talking but no one is truly listening.

But recently, I've discovered that people are listening, people notice me and that I have to keep going and not stop.

Why does self love matter?

NO one is going to go as hard for yourself as you! Self-love looks different for everyone. For me self-love at the point in my life is getting my stuff in order. I used to think that self-love was just about getting your nails done and pampering yourself.  While, that's part of it, self-love is also about making sure you're constantly learning and growing. 

Why do you think people tend to doubt themselves most?

Doubt normally comes from comparison, or lack of confidence. Lack of confidence just means that you need more knowledge in a certain area. I can only speak from experience though, normally in the areas I doubt myself, I realize that I have to be more disciplined and that I have to allow myself time to grow. Confidence will come as you continue to level up.

What do you do to uplift yourself when you’re feeling down or not good enough?

I pull away from social media, play games on the PS4 , read a new book, and spend time with my family.

What would you tell other people that are sleeping on themselves and their talents?

Stop waiting for people to give you approval. Approve yourself, continue to level up, get better, go hard :)

What is your favorite quote/scripture you’d share with other people that are lacking confidence and not believing in themselves?

Lately, I've just been repeating to myself  "It's ok to grow slow"



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