How To Accessorize On A Budget

Many of those who know me personally know that I am the queen of cheap and I always have the inside scoop on saving your coins while remaining stylish. Maybe it's the old broke college student that I used to be in me, because I still  have adapted the habit of looking for deals. 

Don't get me wrong I am def all about the splurge and sometimes impulse buying, because it can be so fun right. I always tend to spend more on things such as denim, jackets, handbags and shoes, these are items that are in constant rotation.


Recently I was running some errands in Walmart for my little one and I stumbled down the jewelry aisle. I discovered a gold mine lol no seriously I found some of the cutest, trendiest jewelry items. These statement necklaces were between $10-12 WHAT!! Yes! I can't believe it either. How did I not know that Walmart has some unique finds like so.

I even managed to snag the cutest watch for 7$ Now obviously I know that these pieces weren't made to last. But I could not resist the urge to pic these babies up!


Tell me where are your favorite random places to shop?