How To Bargain Shop Like A Pro


At the end of last year, I realized that I spent a crazy amount on clothes. Although I still wear a lot of clothes, I think I could have been a bit smarter in finding deals. Thrift shopping has always been near and dear to me. It’s how I discovered my style and I’ve been able to put together a wardrobe that I LOVE. But for those of you are just not into thrifting, I wanted to put together a post full of my favorite tips to help you make the most of your coins, because who doesn’t like to save a coin or two.

Rule #1 Create a shopping list

Your shopping list could be a mental list, a mood board or an actual shopping list. When creating my shopping list, I do a few things, I will either go through my wardrobe pull a few key pieces that I have not worn yet, and figure out what I could buy to go with those pieces.

Secondly, I will examine my lifestyle and figure out what Items I could add to those specific needs. Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for more loungewear pieces that I can wear outside but also at home. I’ve also been wanting to up my sleepwear game, so keeping these things In mind I will often create a mood board with specific elements to look for.


Rule # 2 Become a Conscious Shopper  

The Average price for clothing has dropped significantly, nowadays you can get a two-piece set for as low as $10. Yes, a two piece set! (Did someone say sale). Please believe that I am not anti-fast fashion stores. I think everything can be done in moderation. For some, the average women purchase at least 2 new items for her wardrobe a week. If you enjoy shopping at fast fashion brands as I do, but don’t want to over consume, then shop in moderation. But also be aware of what you’re buying.  Don’t just buy tops because they are on sale for $5. Will that $5 dollar top last you for more than a year? If not save your coins and really make a conscious effort. Being a conscious shopper really allows you to shop as much as you want but also being aware of the long-term cost of what you are buying.

Rule #3: Use Your Shopping List

You spent all of your time carefully crafting a shopping list, don’t forget to actually use it. I’ve created a shopping list that you can use for your shopping journey.  Check out this recent post I did here on “How To Stop Overspending”

If you need help with the planning your process on the wardrobe you can check this post out here

And here is another post on some of my favorite “Savvy Shopping Tips”

For affordable and stylish places to shop I recommend checking out femmeluxefinery I picked up three new pieces which are featured on the blog. The first look was this comfy Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set  which is my absolute favorite, it’s super comfy and because it’s a set you can wear the pants with a bodysuit or wear the top with a pair of highwaist pants. The Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set also comes in a variety of colors as well.

I also got the Stone Slinky Off the Shoulder Belted Jumpsuit the material feels really good and buttery against my skin and is very comfy and can definitely be dressed up for a fun date night.

The next item I got is the Black Lips Printed Oversized Shirt Dress  this T-shirt dress is my favorite because I love oversized tops especially during the summer. Make sure you go and check out femmeluxefinery!

Join The Challenge!

Don’t forget to join the first ever Purposefully Styled Challenge! This isn’t just any challenge with cute daily outfit prompts. But it’s a challenge where I’m challenging the everyday woman to shop and dress with purpose and intention. It’s a five day challenge Starting May 1st full of strategies where I show you how to shop, style and curate a wardrobe that will take you from okay to slay! 

Disclaimer: All items were gifted to me.

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