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A few weeks ago, I asked you guys over on Instagram Stories what were some of your common frustrations when it came to your personal style in the workplace. I received a ton of feedback and questions. This post is all about work basics whether you work from home, in the office or if you are constantly traveling from city to city for work. 

Most of the questions that I received were related to not having anything to wear or wearing the same things over and over again. When this happens it’s usually because a few things. You’re shopping for items that aren’t functional for your lifestyle, you aren’t sure how to fully maximize your wardrobe, or your wardrobe is either lacking basic or statement pieces.

Bookmark this blogpost as I am going to try to make this as meaty as possible and it can be used as a shopping guide. Everything that I mention will be linked based via category, job position etc.

Work From Home Essentials

On most days working from home is a luxury! But my first year of working from home, I didn’t put much thought into my personal style. In fact, I noticed that when I didn’t dress up and wear my pajamas all day. I felt unproductive and found myself drinking excessive amounts of coffee because I was “tired”. But the reality was my appearance automatically signaled my brain that it was rest time. Eventually I got the memo and begin to put more thought into what I wear when I work from home.

I’m not saying get super dolled up and wear a blazer and skirt. You just have to find the items that makes you feel comfortable and productive.For example, if you love the feeling of leggings, simply find pants that offers the same amount of comfort. That way when it’s time for you to run errands, you don’t have to worry about not being presentable. Not saying that leggings aren’t presentable, because their are so many ways that you can style them! 

Below are my top work from home essentials that I highly recommend each of the items can transition from home to play.

Co-ord Sets:


Sweater/Shirt Dresses:


Office Appropriate

Working in an office setting can be tricky! But, because I know that most of  you are business owners and typically work from home, the coffee shop etc. I will be sure to add in some items that you can wear to a co-working space as well. If you are in a traditional work setting,the first thing to do is to be sure you stick with the dress code that is required. Secondly, you want to make sure you are clear of your style goals, likes & dislikes so you can infuse bits of your  personality into your work wardrobe. Everyone’s office attire is completely different so below you will find some office appropriate essentials




From Flight To Meeting

When you are busy traveling and working as well. Packing your suitcase can be such a tedious task that you find unnecessary. This simply goes back to making sure that you have your basics for each lifestyle need such as the gym, travel, work, date night etc. Having your core basics will help you simplify your wardrobe and save you so much time when it comes to packing! Here are my top work to travel essentials

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