How To Plan Your Wardrobe For Each Season


For the past few weeks, we have been talking about how to curate the best wardrobe possible that fits your lifestyle. One of the reasons why I love fashion is because it has the power to change the way a woman or man views his/her outward appearance. Some may feel as if their appearance means absolutely nothing, but it does. If you want to get the job that you're working so hard for your appearance will be one of the many factors on if you're hired or not.

If you are in the sales industry and you're trying to make a sell, your appearance will communicate your professionalism, if you're trustworthy or if you care about life and the work that you're doing. I understand that your appearance doesn't necessarily dictate your character. 

Which is why I always say:

 "Your appearance is what get's you through the door and your character is what will keep you there"

The reason why I talk about appearance so much is because there was a time after becoming a mom where I felt bad about my appearance and I knew that in order for me to give my all to other areas of my life I had to get myself together. If I wanted to go back into the fashion industry and land the job that I wanted, if I wanted to be a blogger then I had to get my style and confidence back to a level in which I am most happiest at.

I live in Chicago and during the cooler months with no sun and working from home can just be downright depressing. It gets cold here and if you commute, you will notice that, on just about every Chicagoans face you won't see a smile because it's just so dang cold :(

For me when I would commute to work, I would put a little bit more time into my appearance which shifted my attention from the cold weather, to how I look and felt about myself. 

My fall wardrobe normally works for the Winter except I am adding in a coat and a pair of ugg boots. 

Because Spring has been chilly in recent years, some of my Winter items work for my Spring wardrobe as well.


Assess Your Lifestyle 

Before heading to the store to add new seasonal pieces, it's really important that you know what items will work with your lifestyle. Having a functional wardrobe is more than being able to style outfits for one occasion, you need items that will work with your entire lifestyle. If you spend a huge chunk of time at work and you have to dress business casual, then you want to make sure that you are purchasing items that work for your job. But also, what are you doing when you're not at work? You need items your wardrobe for those off work occasions as well.

I created several worksheets to help you figure out what items you should or shouldn't be adding to your wardrobe. Click here to download your copy!

Also, check out a post I wrote about wardrobe essentials hereAs well as how to create a wardrobe color palette here! These resources are great starting points for building a cohesive wardrobe.

Add + Refine

I always make a list of the items that I would love to add to my closet. As well as the items that I need to add. I do this because every time I go shopping I always forget what I need and I end up buying the complete opposite.

When adding items to your wardrobe try to come up with several ways you can style that specific item over and over. Consider the color of the item and keep in mind what events and occasions you will be wearing the particular item.

If you sign up for our annual style challenge, Purposefully Styled I will walk you through my exact methods for creating outfit formulas

Build off of what you already have

Also, revisit items that you wore last year. Figure out how you can elevate this look before you decide that you do not need the item anymore. Simple things such as accessories, shoes and even your hair can easily switch up a look. This goes back to your essentials, select your essentials and figure out how you can build off of that item by adding small but big details :)


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Create a Moodboard

September is when all of my favorite magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and InStyle Magazine release their really thick editions. I always save the September issues, I also tear out my favorite pages and put them in a binder. This really just inspires me when I do this. I've been doing this for such a long time, I've never really even mentioned this to anyone ha! But I love creating my own fashion binder with everything that just inspires my personal style. This was actually one of the methods that I used in design school to create upcoming collections, so essentially it's just apart of my thought process now.

When searching through magazines I pay attention to a lot of different things all while keeping my must-have list in mind. I typically pay attention to Silhouettes and colors.

Refine. Purge. Plan

Next, it's time to Refine. Purge. and Plan.

Again I go through my closet to just get an idea of what I have, what I need and what I want.

I get rid of items that I don't even touch anymore.

The items that I love and have never worn, but don't necessarily want to get rid of I create outfits around them.  I also take pictures of each outfit so that way I won't' forget how I want to style them.

This may sound like a lot but I really love doing all of these steps it's so relaxing.

For the items that I need, I spend hours online window shopping, price matching and just getting inspired. Once I find those pieces that I need, I purchase them and wear them ha!

Check out this post here where I show you how to declutter your wardrobe.


I hope you all loved this post.

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