How To Shop a Bridal Sample Sale

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Macy’s State Street Chicago


I’m sure many of you know that I will be embarking on a exiting journey as a bride this October! I’m so thrilled and can’t wait for the exciting day. Surprisingly so many of you are engaged as well. And let me just say from one Fiance’ to another, planning a wedding is not easy at all. The first thing I did when I got engaged was shop for wedding dresses. I purchased two dresses, because I couldn’t decide which I liked the best. Luckily for you Macy’s State Street will host the Fall Bridal Sample Sale extravaganza.

This is exciting if you don’t want to drive to several different stores in search of your wedding dress. Their will be over 500 dresses to browse which will be 60% to 80% off.

The Sale will be Saturday October 13th 10am -6pm

Sunday October 14th 11am-5pm

Macy’s State Street 111 N. State St, Chicago, IL 60602, Narcissus Room

How To Shop a Bridal Sample Sale,  Macy's State Street Chicago

What to look for when shopping for your wedding dress

  • Set a realistic budget. This was the hardest decision for me, but as you dive deeper into wedding planning. Such as food, venues, your hair, makeup shoes, lingerie, bridal shower party etc. Yes all of those things add up. So just be realistic. Trust me there are some amazing dresses you will be able to find.

  • Get as much inspiration as you can. I’ve spent hours on Pinterest, browsing and searching for the perfect silhouette that would fit my frame. This will ensure that you have a clear idea of what you want, and you won’t be overwhelmed.

  • While it’s great to get different opinions on the dress you should choose, always go with what feels right to you and for you. Trust me on this.

  • Be open to trying new things! I always envisioned a huge bridal gown that would fit me like a queen. But, because I’m short and have a small frame, I realized that I needed something that had less fabric and that was a bit more fitted. So while you may have an idea of what you want, it’s okay to branch out and try something new.

Macy's State Street Bridal Sample Sale,
How To Shop a Bridal Sample Sale