How To Style Striped Pants

How to style striped pants


Surprisingly, stripe pants have been a favorite of mines for quite sometime now. It’s one of those things that I’ve naturally gravitated towards without realizing it until I began to write this post. Personally, I am all for comfy trousers that doesn’t feel to stiff like a bad 90s pant suit HA! I work from home and It’s important that I am able to dress up freely without feeling like I am too dressed up. It’s safe to say that when it comes to these pants I’ve picked each on up at Marshalls, & Ross for the win. I thought I would gather some of my favorite ways of style them and give you a little insight on how you too can wear them.

Grunge It Up!

I am always looking for an quick excuse to wear a graphic tee. I have several graphic tees that I wear on a consistent basis and do not plan to give up and time soon. My favorite place to shop for graphic tees are thrift stores. They tend to have a variety of vintage selections, that you can no longer find in stores. Adding a simple denim jacket really helped to break the look up, providing that grunge look that I was initially going for.

stripe trousers outfit, anne klein watch, graphic tee, oversized denim jacket

Play With Colors

Recently, I was working on a campaign and couldn’t quite figure out how to style this yellowish orange turtleneck sweater. I realized that I had only worn these pants once. Playing with at least one of the colors in the pants really breaks the look up and makes it much more playful.


Sometimes playing with colors could be something as simple as a handbag, or accessories.

Play With Layers

A few months ago, I went on a honeymoon with my husband and one of my most favorite outfits . Feel free to play with not only color but also proportions and layers. Because, these pants are super lightweight the were perfect to wear in a more tropical location.

Tips For Styling Striped Pants

  • Play with the contrasting colors- don’t worry about being to matchy

  • Add accessories to break the look up. Remember it’s often the small details that matters.

  • Play with layers, sometimes adding a extra layer or a third piece can complete the look.


Mix Up Your Accessories

I love to mix up my metals and layer my necklaces. Sometimes it’s the small details that really makes up the whole look.

stripe trousers outfit, anne klein watch, graphic tee, oversized denim jacket
stripe trousers outfit, anne klein watch, graphic tee, oversized denim jacket

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