How I am Balancing Motherhood This Year


As 2018 was coming to a close, I decided to take some time to strategize and really prioritize balance in my life. Being a stay at home working mom is not easy! One, I don’t have a nanny nor is India in daycare just yet. So trying to focus on work and my daughter has been quite the challenge.

As I looked back at the year, I realized that I could have accomplished a lot more if I was more realistic with my goals, and spent less time  comparing my life on social media.



There are a ton of areas in my life that I want to focus on this year. The number one focus is relationships. Specifically with my daughter. She is getting order now and will be 3 this year. I want to make sure that I am really focusing on her when we spend time together. Last year I was always at my desk working, while India would spend time playing alone or watching learning videos.

At the end of the year, I realized how I was so focused on work that I hadn’t focused enough of my attention on her as well. I think as a mom I may be a bit too harsh on myself. But spending too much time with your child isn’t a bad thing at all, especially when they are only toddlers. So my goal is to always carve out time to just spend time with her and listen to her and conversate with her.

“Sometimes it’s ok to stop what you’re doing and shift your focus on to your children After all, the one thing that you will never regret is spending too much time with them”



I’ve read so many books on shifting your mindset and creating the life that you truly desire and it all starts with your thinking. I want to make sure that I’m really feeding my mind with healthy thoughts. It’s so important for me to raise a daughter who is emotionally intelligent. So a lot of that starts with myself and how I think and speak to myself. Affirmations are my favorite and I plan on writing some affirmations for India to repeat throughout the day. But to also get her into the habit of thinking good thoughts.



Business is big for me, this year will be the beginning of having a profitable year. The only way I can do that is if I am very strategic with delegation. Last year, I lacked organization skills and the ability to get help.Because of that I let it get into the way of spending quality time with India. That was only because I hadn’t properly planned any of my content. So I finally sat down in December to plan out my editorial content, digital launches for the complete year of 2019. So I know what’s coming up and this has allowed me to write content months ahead. My goal is to have 3 months worth of blog content scheduled and ready to go ahead of time.

That way I can focus on creating better quality pictures, creating more digital product and getting more high paying sponsored post.

I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into how I plan to balance motherhood this year. This could possible turn into a new series, as I’m always finding more ways to just be good at taking care of my daughter.

But I just find that organizing my responsibilities around my daughter has been super beneficial for  not only my daughter, but my husband as well.