How I Plan My Blog & Social Media Content

Coming up with content is one of the reasons why I love blogging and updating my instagram account. It not only allows me to connect with my audience, but I'm able to share things that I am passionate about or interested in. However, every now and then I struggle with coming up with content. During that struggle I always resort to the tips that I'm gonna be sharing with you today.

How I Plan My Blog Content
Start something new

Know your audience

One of the ways I stay connected with my audience is by following them and really engaging with them. This  gives me an idea of who my blog readers are, as well as things that they may be interested in. I also believe that my audience may be similar to  who I was before I became a mom or during those early stages of being a mom. This really helps out a lot because, I can always think about things that I wish existed when I was in those stages.

You need to be Inspired!

Think of inspiration as water. You need it in order to create. Well, maybe not you but, the more inspired I am the better I can create content.  I get a ton of my ideas from magazines, I'm constantly ripping out pages and highlighting articles because  that's where some  of the best content is. I also try to read similar blogs as mine ,but most importantly I like to scroll through blog comments! Reading is also a great way to get new ideas,  normally in the middle of reading a good book, I tend to get a bunch of new ideas.

Sometimes getting inspired can be as simple as not doing anything. I get in my moods where I find myself forcing myself to get inspired. But sometimes inspiration doesn't work like that. Sometimes it takes for me to just let inspiration, find me. 

How I Plan My Blog Content
How I Plan Blog Content


Once you've  been inspired it's time to put those new ideas onto paper and come up with new ones. I use my Aims Moon Paperie notebook to write out all of my blogpost ideas. I love the quality of the paper, it's smooth and thick! I  love to write with sharpie pens, so it's important that I use paper that doesn't allow the sharpie to bleed through. Aims Moon Paperie is created for the goal-getting woman with the burning desire to design beautiful, functional Stationery.  She recently launched  a new collection called  "Fruit Bold" which is a  collection of notebooks with fun and bright colors in mind.

Be sure to check out Aims Moon Paperie and follow them on Instagram as  well!


How I Plan My Blog Content
How I Plan My Blog Content

How do you plan your social media & blog  content?