How To Boost Your Style And Confidence

How To Boost Your Style And Confidence

Happy New Year! I am back guys I needed to take a break from blogging which was only like a two- week break lol! But I really needed to step away and gain clarity on what direction I see my brand within the next few years. Honestly, I still don't know, which is why I've decided that 2018 is all about Clarity, Fulfillment and Confidence.

I couldn't pick out just one word, I feel like all three of these words go hand in hand with my life and my own personal struggles. This is a fashion blog, but I want to talk more about some of the issues that we as women struggle with and one of those being confidence.

Casual Outfit to run errands

Thanks to social media, I often find myself comparing my looks, talents, accolades to the next girl and that should not be. You know why? Because what's for her is for her and what is for me is for me! So comparing yourself and trying to be JUST like someone else will only make your more  confused about your life's purpose.

I think deep down we all know  exactly what  we want to do in life but, comparision leads to doubt and then confusion. You think you should do what she is doing in order to get the life that you deserve and i'm sorry but that's not true. Your life is  yours and your journey is your own. 

So for this year it's all about Clarity with Clarity will come Confidence in my lifes purpose which will ultimately lead to the big picture Fulfillment.


OK enough of the sap sap, I'm sharing with you  my favorite ways to boost your style and to be more confident this year! Are you ready!!

PS... I may have said a few bad words while writing this post. But in all honesty this post is meant to boost you up so you can slay 2018 like a boss!!

Let's Move on now shall we :)

Casual Fur jacket

The Time is Now!!!

Dress your best right now today!  Stop waiting until you get the job, the date or lose the weight do it now! Because tomorrow isn't promised so why are you putting your confidence into the hands of a date that may never come? But also what this does is boost your confidence, which will essentially propel you to lose the weight, ace that job interview and finally find the man of your dreams. All of these things are accomplished with confidence! You have to believe in yourself NOW!!! 


How to dress down your fur coat

Wear The  CROP TOP!

So look this is what I told myself when I was struggling with my postpartum weight. I had the cutest crop top that I wanted to wear for a few blog pics you can see them here and here. You know what I did I wore them. BUT I styled the crop tops in a way that made ME feel confident and comfortable. This made me feel so confident guys and made me workout much  harder.

Confidence is like gas!! It fuels you to greatness

Casual fur outfit

Throw That SHIT OUT! 

I told you I was gonna say a bad word but hear me out please!

If your wardrobe is a constant reminder of the weight you never lost, and makes you feel bad about yourself then THROW THAT SHIT OUT! I'm serious your closet should make you feel like the boss babe that you are



Casual way to style a fur jacket

Speak Kind Words To Yourself

I never knew how rude I was to myself until after I gave birth to my daughter. I remember being close to 200lbs and I would look myself in the mirror and just hate what I saw. I wish I could go back and tell myself how boss I was because I had just pushed a whole human out of my vagina!! HOW? WHO DOES THAT! LOL! We have to start treating ourselves the way we want others to treat us. How can we demand someone to treat us with respect when  we can't even do the same to ourselves


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