How To Discover Your Personal Style

How To Discover Your Personal Style

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How To Discover Your Personal Style

Hello loves! I am so excited to finally be re-writing this post. This was one of the first posts that I wrote when I started this blog. With each post that I write, it is my hope that you can take something away and apply it or let it inspire you. I decided that writing one post about discovering your personal style is not enough. So this will be an on going series on the blog. So please feel free to share this post with any one who you think may benefit.

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Help Me Find My Style!

The first thing I recommend when discovering your personal style is to assess your lifestyle. This is crucial and I think many overlook this one key point and just head straight to shopping. But it's really important to pay attention to the areas of your life, this will help you better understand what exactly you should be adding to your wardrobe.

If you spend the majority of your time at work and in the gym, then it's really important to purchase items that you know you will wear more versus items that will sit in your closet.

Set Style  Goals

You need some style goals girl!  Your style goals will really help you get a feel for how you want to look, what makes you feel confident and which items you feel comfortable in. In the personal style workbook, I go into detail about breaking down your style goals and how you can apply it to your personal style.  Def make sure  you download your copy so you can unleash those style goals girl.


How to discover your personal style
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Find Your Style Muse

Finding inspiration is an integral part of any creative process. Inspiration is often found in the people around you, but it's all about not trying to imitate everything that you see. Pinterest plays a huge part in how I find my inspiration! I recently wrote a post about the exact method I use to curate a Pinterest worthy wardrobe that you can check out here.

Here are some ways that keep me inspired

I am always on Pinterest searching for ways to style a single item.

If Pinterest doesn't have the inspiration I need, I normally head over to my favorite website Boohoo to see how certain items are styled. 

Instagram I think is just about everyone's source of inspiration, I am always saving pictures of outfits that I love.

Magazines let's not forget how amazing magazines are, I personally have a great selection of magazines in which I pull my favorite images from and put them in a style binder.  I have been doing this for years and had no idea it was a thing that people actually do.

Hopefully, you found this post helpful! Again this will be an ongoing series here on the blog, so you can always come back for more style tips. Let me know what you are currently struggling with so I can continue to create helpful content.

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