How To Find The Perfect Holiday Outfit

The older you get the more you realize just how fast time goes by! It was literally just the beginning of 2018 and now we’re planning for the Christmas! Although this post is not about time and things of that sort, I really do hope that you all take the time to enjoy the present moment. Spend time with your family, leaver your phone in the other room and just be present!

OK! Now that I got that out of my system, it’s time to plan our Holiday festival outfits. Depending on where you’re located it may be way to cold to have the desire to dress cute. BUT, that’s why I am here to help! I wanted to share with you my favorite tips when it comes to planning your holiday party outfit.

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Pay attention to the weather, sis!

It gets so cold in Chicago, and the last thing you want to do is be freezing on what should be a fun and festival night. Plus knowing what the weather is like will give you some wiggle room to prepare. If you plan on wearing a dress and closed toe shoe, you can always add toe warmers on the inside of your shoe. I prefer the Hot Hands Toe Warmers. Of course they have other options that you can place on the inside of your coat pocket to help keep you warm.

I’ve tried these and they work, during blog shoots in the cold I always buy these for my husband to keep him warm while taking pictures!!

faux fur jacket, mesh dress, urban outfitters, tjmaxx

Shop My Outfit

Find your key pieces

Think of the key pieces that you plan on wearing, your key pieces can sometimes be used as the foundation of your outfit. Making it easy for you to build a chic look. For my outfit, my key piece was of course my favorite faux fur coat.

Try a Dress Rental Service

If you’re in a time crunch, I suggest trying out a dress rental service. There are so many to choose from Rent the Runway is the most popular one that I am always hearing about. Plus there is a physical location here in Chicago. However, if you know any more services I would love to hear about them.

Online Shopping Strategy

I personally prefer to shop online, because I can take as long as I want. Plus when I shop at a physical store, I take all day because I'm literally styling every single piece that I plan on purchasing. Shopping online allows you to style the items in your closet while you are shopping online. For example you see a dress that you love online but you're not sure if you have shoes for it. You can simply slide your laptop over to your closet and figure out which pieces will work with that dress. 

I also recommend searching keywords when shopping online. For example sequin dress, you're gonna get a ton of recommendations thanks to our bff Google.  Being that the holidays are approaching fast your probably need to be ordering your stuff like today while you're reading this blog post.

In-Store Shopping

Shopping In-Store during the Holidays sucks!  NO one says excuse me, some people feel entitled to push you out of the way. I don't like it. BUT if you must shop go, go when the stores first open, most people are still at work, so you won't feel so rushed. Make sure you stay focused on the task at hand and not feel the need to buy items just because they are on sale.

Buy a Statement Piece Instead

Instead of buying one completely new outfit, try purchasing a statement piece that can be utilized on multiple occasions through the Winter & even next year. One you’re getting your money’s worth, and two you’re making it much easier when it comes to last minute outfit decisions.

My Holiday Outfit Recommendations


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