How To Maximize your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

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How To Maximize Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

My favorite thing to do when I have nothing to do is to shop in my closet. After I gave birth to my daughter it became a new found hobby of mines. Because I had gained so much weight I was instantly self-conscious about what I wore and began to play in my clothes to figure out what worked for my body type.

My first thought was to go shopping and buy a ton of new clothes, which I did. But, prior to getting pregnant, I went shopping every payday. So I had a ton of new clothes that I had barely worn, which led me to figure out a method that would allow me to maximize my wardrobe.

Today I thought I would share some of the strategies that I have used and still use to prep my wardrobe.

Repurpose items: 

For example, this sweater that I am wearing was in heavy rotation a few Winter's ago. However, I wore it the same way every time.Since I lost a weight it's actually a lot bigger so I can easily wear it as a dress.

Tip: Instead of wearing your clothes the same ways switch it up. Come up with different outfit combinations.


Layering your outfits can instantly change your look. Whether it's layering your look with accessories adding a chunky knit over your t-shirt it all counts as a layer :)


Invest in a transitional shoe:

We all have a pair of shoes that we wish we could wear with everything but the color only limits how much we can wear it. Which it's why I highly recommend investing in a pair of boots, or shoes that you can wear with everything.

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How To Maximize Your Wardrobe