How To Use The Style Sanity Lookbook

How To Use The Style Sanity Lookbook


After giving birth to my daughter, and becoming a stay at home mom. I struggled with revamping my wardrobe and curating a wardrobe that would fit my lifestyle.

I spent countless hours scrolling blogs, Pinterest and Instagram for tips ideas that would help me. But I found none…… Many of what I found was for women who are minimalist, who desired to create a capsule wardrobe.

But me, no I just needed help with revamping my wardrobe, not creating a capsule wardrobe. Besides in order to create a functional capsule wardrobe you need to have a good idea of what your personal style is, right?

So I decided to create the Style Sanity lookbook….

Many of you know that by day I’m a personal stylist. So I get to work with tons of women, helping them develop their personal style, shopping for those who are unsure of what to purchase, or for those who are just a little to busy to shop.

The style Sanity Lookbook was created for those who may not have the luxury of hiring a personal stylist.

This lookbook is simplified for the everyday woman, while applying practical principles on how to maximize your staple wardrobe pieces.



One of my favorite features of the lookbook, is that it’s simplified in a way that you can apply it to your most basic wardrobe pieces. Whether it’s a basic t-shirt, flannel or a simple chunky knit. Take it with you as you’re shopping at your favorite stores, or grab it when you wake up to style your outfit for the day.

There are links to shop similar items which is perfect if you have no clue what to add to your wardrobe. If you’re in the beginning stages of developing your personal style, the lookbook will walk you through discovering your true style likes and dislikes. You will have a clear understanding of what goes down in a true fashionable and functional wardrobe!

Grab your copy here!

The lookbook is broken up into 3 major components when it comes to revamping your style, shopping or discovering your style.

The First Component

We first start by discovering your TRUE style likes and dislikes. This phase is to give you clarity on your style preference, which will further guide you when it comes to shopping.

Once you figure out what you like, dislike and discover how you want to dress. We go over the importance of assessing your lifestyle.

The most common problem that many women have is the continuous shopping but still not having nothing to wear. By assessing your lifestyle, you will figure out exactly what you should be adding to your wardrobe.

The Second Component

The color palette!!! This is huge guys, because I believe that every wardrobe should have a color palette. Why? because without a color palette that is cohesive, your wardrobe will be all over the place. Having a color palette will allow you to fully maximize your wardrobe, because everything is interchangeable.

Say bye bye, to not having anything to wear!!

The Third Component

Taking everything we went over, I’m showing you exactly how to apply these methods to your wardrobe! By showing you how to style the most basic pieces multiple ways while being consistent with the color palette.

I also share with you links to shop similar pieces, making it easy for you to re-create any of the looks.

This is the perfect for those of you who have always wanted a personal stylist, to show you how to get your wardrobe together!

Well here it is sis!! Look no further :) Grab your copy here.

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