Monday Motivation| The 30 Minute Slay


 According to Instagram and Youtube,  millennials are buying houses, traveling exotic places every month meanwhile, the rest of us millennials, find discouragement for having a vision, to create something  much bigger than our present day.

 In 2014- 2015 I was a college grad, who had a ton of ambition, but no strategy or enough discipline to execute what I really wanted. So Instead I blamed it on my job.

Looking back, I realize that I lacked discipline and a strategy. I knew what I wanted, but I wasn't disciplined enough to sacrifice, binge-watching my favorite shows, spending money on things that I didn't need. But better yet, I didn't have a strategy, which I think if I did, I would probably be a lot further .



The 30 Minute Slay

Being a mom has made me excellent at time management and creating an in-depth strategy on how to effectively get stuff done. I have to give credit to my job back in 2014, I learned a lot and because of that It's helped me manage my blog, and even land my current job as a personal stylist. Which is why I say it's important to remember that in every season, there is a lesson to be learned. 

While you may not be 100% happy with your job, there is someone who could use it. Let's not use "my job takes up my time" excuse, because with the correct strategy I believe that you can find time to slay your goals. 

Keep it simple, spend a Sunday night creating a to-do list. Schedule a task for each day of the week, maybe time is tight, so try working on your goals for 30 minutes a day.

If you're a stay at home momma like me, I know it's hard!!!! GIRL! LOL it's hard, but hang in there, naptime hustles are the best time to grind it out and get a little work done.  If your baby is old enough let him/her color while you work. That way your baby will feel included as well.