Must Have Spring Statement Pieces

This year, my goal is to build up my statement pieces in my wardrobe. Last year my focus was curating a wardrobe that was really functional in a sense that I had all of my basics. But I’ve noticed that a wardrobe full of basics can be boring. A wardrobe should have a healthy balance of basics and statement pieces. I think statement pieces are perfect to pair with your basics as they tend to set your style a part. Notice that I say “statement pieces” instead of “trends”? Because in a way they can be two totally different things.

Your statement pieces could be anything whether it’s a skirt, top, handbag or jewelry. Incorporating statement pieces should only help to strengthen your wardrobe and your personal style. Think about it, your basics are basically the core of your wardrobe anything else only makes your style twice the fun.

Here’s a short yet sweet list of all of the styles that I have my eyes on for the Spring!

Wardrobe Ideas (1).png

Spring Statement Dresses & Skirts

Spring Statement Blouses

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