My Breastfeeding Journey

It's been almost two years of breastfeeding. I told myself that I would not write a post about breastfeeding. But, I really wanted to share my story and encourage other milky mommas. But I feel the need to make a disclaimer,  I am not giving any advice because I'm not a pro, I only know what works/worked for my daughter.

For those of you who do not know a few hours after India was born she was taken to the NICU because her blood sugar would not stabilize. So this immediately changed my plans of breastfeeding, the way that I had originally intended to do. Of course, the hospital gave me a breast pump so I could take milk to the NICU but those first few days my milk had not come in just yet. And a breast pump did not help, so India had to drink formula. I know many doctors, will tell you that the callosum breast milk is all the baby needs. But, because India's sugar would not stabilize she needed a little more milk to help.  So they immediately gave introduced her to formula and the bottle. So by the time my milk came in, India did not want to latch on at all. So the nurses gave me a nipple shield and boy was that a game changer. It took us about a week to make the switch from formula and breastmilk, to exclusively breastfeeding.

Does Breastfeeding Hurt?

This was one of the main reasons why I was afraid to breastfeed. I read so many horror stories about breastfeeding and how painful it was and how hard it would be. I went in expecting pain, I did experience pain the first two days or breastfeeding, but it was not nipple pain, it was my body cramping which I was told, was my body's way of healing. I also experienced pain when my milk came in, which was easily relieved by pumping and breastfeeding. But as far as pain from India latching on I did not experience any. I believe the nipple shield was one of the reasons why I wasn't in pain. FYI, India used the nipple shield for about 3 months and then decided she wanted to latch on without it. So I did not have to force her off of it :)

Did you exclusively Breastfeed?

Yes, I did up until India was about 18 months which was when she started to want food more than breastmilk. Exclusively breastfeeding was not my plan, but it just was more convenient for me as I really do not like pumping. Because I was a stay at home mom I did not have to worry about having a huge milk stash for daycare etc.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post I really wanted to make this as quick as possible sharing my story. I really want to stop breastfeeding before India is 3 years old. I know this will be a challenge. At the moment India only nurses 1-4 times a day. But if I distract her it's only about twice a day :)