My Lazy Natural Hair Routine: Product Must Have

If you follow me on Instagram which you should :) You  may have noticed that I have been wearing my natural curls more instead of protective styles. Wearing my hair is very rare for me because I'm so busy, and I find that tending to my hair is time consuming. But  I recently decided to take a break from protective styles. Last year after I gave birth to my daughter I noticed that the texture of my hair changed, and my hair was very dry.  

But recently as I started wearing my hair I've noticed a huge difference it's so much more healthy now and my curls are just how I want them to be.

Last week I had to have surgery on my knee so I was contemplating on how I would do my hair. So I decided to wear my hair in  a bun which I was so nervous about. Luckily I teamed up with  Private Label Extensions, who sent me their edge control to try out.

No Product Residue!

I was so nervous to try it out! Because my hair requires extra hold, But y'all I was very surprised that this stuff actually worked. I applied the clear edge control while my hair was extremely wet, I also added olive oil to my ends to keep them moisturized and a little bit of Shea Moisture's Jamaican Castor Oil leave in conditioner.  

Later that day I noticed that my edges was very much laid and that their was no residue nor was my hair hard. 

The Perfect Amount of Hold!

Both of the edge controls has the same ingredients and offer the same benefits. However, I do find that the black edge control has a sticky beeswax feel but holds just as good.  As far as scent goes, it's a mixture of licorice with a bit of a fruitiness smell.


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Lazy Natural Hair Must Have

 This post is sponsored by Private Label Extensions   but the content and opinions expressed are my own. #ad