My Winter Skin Care Tips

I've never had a skin care routine that consisted of a ton of products. When I was younger I could get away with a simple face wash and a moisturizer and that was it.

To be honest, I noticed a huge change in my skin after I gave birth to my daughter, I started getting a ton of moles and freckles and my pores in my T-zone area get super large.

Winter Skincare Routine

Face Cleanser

My face cleanser is very simple, I like trying drug-store products, I'm def not an anti drugstore product girl. There is a Walgreens within walking distance from me, so that makes it so much convenient to pick up my beauty products.

Garnier Sulfate Free Cleanser- I've been using this cleanser for a little over a year. I love it because it moisturizes my face while I'm washing.  It really is a gentle cleanser my skin doesn't burn afterward nor does it feel sticky and dry.

Soap and Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash- Look you're gonna love me after you buy this stuff. I was very hesitant of buying a big bottle because I wanted to test the product out first. The Soap and Glory  Face Soap and Clarity is a 3 in 1 daily detox that has Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C is really important in your beauty routine. I wrote a post all about Vitamin C you can go check it out here.

My favorite part of this Facial wash is that it wakes me up! I always get a burst of energy whenever I use this so I prefer to use this cleanser in the morning time.

Skin care

Face Toner

Pixi Glow Tonic- A few weeks ago I went to pick up a new face toner by Shea Moisture, unfortunately, I was not noticing a difference. Luckily, for me, Pixi Beauty sent me their Glow Tonic. After using it I noticed a difference my skin was glowing. Here are a few reasons why I love this toner:

Not tested on animals

Alcohol Free

It has Glycolic acid

Refines pores

Gives you glowy skin!

Winter Dry Skin Care Routine

Glycolic Serum

After applying my Pixi Glow Tonic I follow that up by using my Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum. I wrote a whole blog post about this product here. The Glycolic Fix Serum is an overnight Serum that has 4% Glycolic Acid which helps to retexturize the skin's appearance aka tighten your skin and minimize those pores. I personally prefer to use this when I know I will not be wearing any makeup because it is a little sticky. 

Radiant Glow Serum

Derma E Radiant Glow Face Oil- Now this product here!! GIRL, you may have seen me using this product on my insta-stories and I am still using it. I did receive this product for free a few months ago and told you all that I would be back with an update. Well, consider this your update. I'm looking forward to seeing how this product work in the summer, due to my skin being very oily, but as of now it's the perfect product for the winter.

Radiant Glow Face Serum

At the moment this pretty much sums up my Winter Skin Care Routine. Now given there are times where I like to incorporate a good face mask or a good exfoliator, but I'm in the process of finding a new face mask that I can't live without. 

What are some of your favorite skin care products?

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