My Winter Travel Essentials

My Winter Travel Essentials

My Winter Travel Essentials

It's that time of year again! For the past 4yrs Fredrick and I have packed up and made our way down to Missouri to spend Christmas with his family and my family! This will be the second year India will be traveling along with us. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at packing for a short trip! But being a mom has brought out so many awesome talents that I never knew I had.

I do not like carrying a ton of suitcases and bags with us.

I prefer that we all have our own bags ( yes including India). I won't be going over what I pack for India as I find that packing for kids requires a lot more because you never know when you will have unexpected poop explosions, so for India, I am always over packing.

If this is a post that you all would like to see let me know and I will schedule that one for you!

Ok let's get into the post, shall we?

Before I start packing I try to keep in mind a few things, the weather, activities we will be doing and most of all how I want to feel. My mood is so important when I am traveling no matter where I am traveling too I have to always feel comfortable. Keeping these things in mind will allow me to pack for each occasion with a little wiggle room for those spur of the moment events. 

 The key is to create a concept that allows you to maximize while you mix and match those pieces.

Traveling Light

How To Travel Light

Pick a color scheme-  if you want to be able to travel light, it's really important to be able to maximize everything that you bring with you. Choosing a color scheme will give you much more flexibility than if you were to pack more prints etc. Naturally, I love wearing black so my color scheme always consists of tons of black. In the Winter time, I also love wearing burgundy, so I always pack items that will match black and burgundy.

Pack things you know you will wear-  I know for most of us we love everything in our wardrobe and sometimes narrowing down what we want to travel with can sometimes be a hassle. If you have not worn a certain item in over 1yr I doubt you will wear it while you're on vacay. I could be wrong but for me, I try to pack things that I know without a doubt that I will wear it.

Try To Bring 3 Pairs of Shoes- I know you are probably reading this like GIRL!! You tried it and maybe I did just a little bit. But since my upcoming trip will only be for one week I will only be packing 3 shoes 4 if you include my slippers.

My shoes will consist of:

Black Adidas Tubular- This will be my travel shoes, I will probably pair these with my leggings a chunky knit and my leather jacket.

Ugg Boots- These are my errand shoes

Black Thigh High Boots- Probably will wear these on Christmas and if we decided to go shopping or something this will be what I will wear.

My Packing List

I always pack more tops than bottoms, with pants you can easily style them. Packing more tops vs bottoms allows you to have more versatility. If we were going on a more extravagant vacation my packing list would probably be more extensive. But, because we are literally just traveling to visit relatives for the Holiday's I will be keeping my packing list short and simple.

5 Tops-  I will be bringing 5 tops for 5 days, that way I won't have to wear the same top more than once. My tops will consist of a Chunky Sweater, Basic Sweater, and 3 Basic Tees,

2 Jackets- Since where we are traveling to is always slightly warmer than Chicago I probably will be wearing my leather jacket for the most part. But to be honest I haven't decided which coats I will be bringing.  I know I only want to bring 2 but I'm thinking of bringing my Leather Jacket, and either my  Trench Coat or my Red Faux Fur. My faux fur is very light and unfortunately, I do not like how it looks with a scarf. My Trench coat is long and a lot tighter then I would like for it to be which means I won't be able to layer it.

  3 Bottoms- I'm honestly ok with rotating my bottoms because for the most part they are very basic and you can't quite tell them apart. I will be bringing a basic pair of denim jeans, My Nike leggings, and my overalls! My overalls can be worn so many different ways.

1 Purse- Since I will be working while I'm on vacay I have to bring a back that is transitional and multi-functional. So I must be able to fit my laptop in my bag, as well as a few items for India.         I have the perfect clutch that fits inside of my purse I will use this in replace of my purse, it easily fits India's diapers and wipes in and is perfect.

Pajamas and my house shoes self-explanatory!


My Toiletries

This is the part where I over pack! My hair requires a lot of maintenance so I need to bring a ton of products plus I need to bring my make-up products toothbrush, skin care, and feminine products just in case my dear friend Flo decides to make a grand entrance.


 I won't be going into detail about my travel toiletries etc in this post but if this something that you will love to read let me know down in the comments.


Happy Holidays and Safe Travels!


Travel Essentials
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