Natural Hair Care for Toddlers

Natural Hair Care for Toddlers

One of my favorite parts of being a mom to a girl is hair care. Sunday is our day when we wash and deep condition our hair for the week. When it comes to the products that I use for India, I try to find products that will work for both of our hair. Meaning no extra chemicals, sulfates all of the things that tend to dry our hair out

When India’s hair first started to grow, I made the mistake of putting a bunch of ponytails in her hair which pulled a bit of her hair out. So lately we have been doing flat twist which does not pull her hair, along with just letting her wear her fro.

One of my biggest struggles was finding products that would work for her. India’s hair requires a ton of water. I do not comb her hair without first applying water or some sort of water based product. If I am just using water, I will added some sort of leave in conditioner along with Jamaican Castor oil.

Each of the products that I am listing below have helped to add moisture and curl definition to her hair. Some of these products also work perfect in my hair as well!

Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler- I like to pack this with us when we’re traveling. It’s perfect to refresh curls. Also is best when it comes to detangling and styling your toddlers hair.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Curl Condition Hair Pudding- We love this hair pudding! I just discovered it a few months ago. It really adds a ton of moisture to her hair, while adding curl definition. The only thing that I dislike is that it leaves a residue. But I believe it’s because of the other products that I combine with this. So we will continue using this because it really works, but our application process will be different.

Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner- I have not been able to find this in any of the local stores here. But we used this during the summer, and this was by far another product that made here soft. While the Shea Moisture Kids Moisturizer Detangler works great for detangling, I find the the Jane Carter Solution is great for softening the hair.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner- I don’t use shampoo in India’s hair on a regular. if I do it’s probably every 2 months. That’s because she doesn’t get a ton of product build up. But if there is a ton of product build up then I will wash it with the Palmer’s Coconut oil Shampoo. While we use the Repairing conditioner weekly. Sometimes, I will leave this on overnight in her hair.

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Natural Hair Care for Toddlers
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