September Favorites

September favorites and must haves

September for me was an amazing month for several reasons I turned 26 and we had some amazing collaborations with some amazing brands.

One of my favorite brands to collaborate with was Carter's, which is one of my favorite stores to purchase India's clothes from.  If you have not seen that post make sure you go and check it out here!

Favorite T.V Shows

I also spent some much needed time watching a few new T.V series that I found on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


"Grimm" has been our favorite show to watch at night if you have not seen this show go and watch it, it's a must! We've watched seasons 1-5 on Amazon Prime and will have to wait until they upload the final season to complete the full season.

I was randomly scrolling on Netflix in search of a different show because I was not quite ready to complete "Grimm" and I came across "Queen of the South" OMG guys this show is so good please go and watch it!! 

Favorite Products

September Journaling

Every month, I make it a goal of mines to journal at least once a week. So far this is my favorite journal! My mom actually picked it up for me at Ross which is my favorite place to stock up on journals and notebooks.

September Grabs

What was your favorite part of September? Would you like to see more blog post like this?