Shopping On A Budget

Thrift shopping has always been near and dear to my heart. Growing up I would spend the weekends with my Mom and Grandma shopping at all the Thrift stores  over town. Thrift shopping has allowed me to develop my personal style over the years.

Shopping at  retail stores for everything can have you looking cookie cutter IF you are unsure of how to maximize those pieces. Nothing is wrong with shopping at retail stores for everything, but there is something super inspiring when you can find treasures in a grungy Thrift shop.

Autum Love-Band T-shirt-Fur Sweater

This entire outfit except for the shoes are  all from the Thrift store. I've been on a hunt for a super cute graphic, band tee. But to be honest the T-shirts that i've came across are just way to over priced.  I knew that I could find the best tops for like $3 instead of $23.

If you do not like Thrift shops, Consignment shops can be fun. Although the items are way to over priced you can find mostly name brand items. I purchased this fur cardigan at a local Consignment shop in St.Louis a few years ago.

Autum Love- Band T-shirt Thrift -Store Haul

Last but not least i'm in the process of trying to shed this postpartum weight. I needed a few pairs of denim jeans to get me through. Instead of splurging on pants that I knew I wouldn't be able to fit in a few months. I picked these babies up for about $5 at the Salvation Army.

Autum Love-Blog-Fashion-Lincoln Park Chicago
Autum Love-Blog-Chicago Fashion Blogger

If you are new to Thrifting or find yourself leaving empty handed every time. Here are a few tips that I go by before each shopping trip.


Examine your closet before you go shopping. Take a look at what you have and what you need.

For my most recent shopping trip, I wanted to purchase items that I could mix with clothing that I already had in my closet. 

Get Inspired

I always go through my Pinterest boards and see if  there is anything that I pinned that I would love to search for at the Thrift Store.

Have A Vision

Before you  make a purchase come up with at least 3 looks for that piece. For me I purchase Items that tend to flow throughout my closet, this makes it easier for me to maximize my pieces.

Be Open Minded

I know we normally shop the sections that are for our sizes and gender. But I find some of the best T-shirts in the mens section.  Also guys Thrift stores has the BEST denim jackets, and  leather jackets. So be open minded take your time and make this trip fun.


Let's Chat. Do you guys shop at Thrift stores if so what are some of your tips. If not what's holding you back I want to know!!


I know the items that I am wearing in this post you may not be able to find in stores. No worries I will be posting similar pieces that you can shop!

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