Short Girls Guide to Wearing Wide Leg Pants


As a short girl I often struggle when it comes to wearing one of my favorite trends "wide leg trousers".  Even if the trousers are for "petite women" they are still way to long. I am not a fan of ordering pants online because either they are too small or too long. But I really couldn't pass these pants up from Boohoo as they came in a set with the cutest t-shirt that I will wear separately. I had to cut about two inches off of these pants, and I think I will probably cut about two more inches so that I can wear them with flats.


"Should Short Girls Wearing Wide-Leg Pants"

Many of you know that I am a personal stylist, so I have the opportunity to work with women of all different body types. One of the most common complaints that I hear from my petite women is that they can't wear trousers because they are short. This could be the rebel in me, but I often disregard anything in a magazine that tell me that I can't wear something because of my body type. Why? I think it's all about playing with proportions, textures and colors. All of those fundamentals makes a huge difference in how a garment will look on your body.


How to Style Wide Leg Trousers

With anything that I wear, I always play with proportions. For example, if my pants are wider and longer then, I will either wear a top that is a lot more fitted, or I will wear something cropped that will balance out my pants. Also, because my sleeves are long and looks odd when paired with these pants, I decided to roll them up which gives thelook  more edge. Adding a colorful handbag, just breaks the look up a bit more making it more stylish and playful.


So to answer your question. YES short girls can wear trousers :) It's all about playing with your proportions and learning what works for YOU :)