Skincare Favorites: First Impressions

Purifying Scrub

I was recently sent the Derma E x SunKissAlba Whole Foods "Favorites Box" I was so excited when I opened it up because there were so many wonderful goodies. I have been following Sunkissalba for a very long time on Youtube. I love watching her skincare videos because her skin is goals! Always glowing and looking radiant.

Here is a list of all the products that came in the "Favorites Box"

Eco Tools Dry Body Brush

Dry brushing is good for many reasons one of those being to help make skin feel softer. 

Derma E Purifying Scrub

Before sitting down to type this post I gave the Purifying Scrub a try and I love it! While lathering it on my face I noticed how soft my skin was after using it. It is Charcoal activated which means it's going to help remove toxins and impurities. I will be using more of this product the rest of this week so that way I can give you all an in-depth review.


Radiant Glow Face Oil

Juice Beauty Lip Gloss:

If you follow me on Instagram then you know as I was unboxing the "Favorites Box" that I tried this Juice Beauty Lip Gloss on! I LOVE IT! I have been looking for a clear lipgloss so that way I can just wear it with a brown lipliner! This one is perfect, it has a buttery feel while on my lips!


Derma E  Radiant Glow Face Oil

The Radiant Glow Face Oil is a favorite of mines! I've used it every day since receiving this box! It's one of those products that as soon as you try it, you will notice an immediate difference in your skin. 

Derma E Yoga headband

The headband is pretty self-explanatory! I typically use this while applying my makeup and washing my face! Comes in handy!

Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

I polished my nails while my daughter was napping! She woke up as soon as I finished I was a little nervous that I would mess them up, but this nail polish dries super fast! In my opinion, the finish of the polish is very similar to a gel polish!


Derma E Rose Cleansing Oil

I have yet to try out the cleansing oil, but its basic purpose is to moisturize your skin while you're washing your face!


Pacha Clarifying Charcoal Bar Soap

I am so excited to try out this Charcoal Bar! I will keep you all updated on this in another post! But the smell of this is amazing! It has a minty smell which I think will be perfect to use on those Winter mornings when you would much rather sleep in!

Pacifica Perfume

I love to roll on perfumes! Perfect to put in a little clutch and call it a day! This one smells so good and fruity!

Radiant Glow Face Oil


Have you tried any of these products? I highly recommend the Radiant Glow Face Oil it's seriously my new favorite product! If you follow me on Instagram and check out my stories then you know it's all the rave!


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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me try out, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.