Stitch Fix Unboxing & Review

As someone who has always loved helping others discover their personal style, creating looks and putting them together for others, I decided that I would go ahead and give Stitch Fix a try because I wanted to see what kind of looks someone would come up for me.

For those of you who do not know what Stitch Fix is, it's basically a personal style service where you get your own personal stylist. Your personal stylist will curate 5 items for and you can opt to have the items sent to monthly, quarterly or every 2 weeks. It's really important to communicate your style to your personal stylist, you can do this by sending your links to your Pinterest board, Instagram account, Blog etc. 

Stitch Fix Dress

I was so excited to receive my Stitch Fix box but was a little disappointed when I opened the box because I saw a floral dress!! Guys, you must know this about me, when I was in design school I was in love with Floral, I designed a floral dress and it was horrible. It was the first dress that I completely designed, I drafted the pattern and all.

My teacher's description of the dress made me cringe and from then on I vowed that I would tone the floral down. Floral is so bold that if you wear it once I almost guarantee that someone you haven't seen since you last wore the floral will remember that your wore the floral LOL!! 


Stitch Fix Service Review

Once I tried the floral dress on I was flattered because it actually looked sooo good! But again it's Fall,  and floral is just not what I want to wear this season.  I love how my stylist left me a note and told me to try something new and bold! And I appreciate that because this was new and bold!

I normally gravitate towards more darker colors such as black :) Black is my happy color in the Fall and Winter!

Stitch Fix

Next, I was sent a green dress which isn't pictured it just wasn't  flattering on me :( so it's not pictured .

 But my stylist nailed it with this look!

I was sent this jacket and jeans along with a camisole and while I loved this look the pieces are very similar to what I already own! 

Like I said in my insta-stories I am very picky when it comes to shopping for new items. I have to LOVE it, you know that one item that you have that you could wear every single day.

I returned all items because I have so many similar pieces that it just did not make any sense for me to purchase these items again.

I really wanted WOW factor Fall/Winter pieces such as, a sweater with ruffle sleeves, a cute trench coat ,things that are moreChicago weather appropriate.


But overall I am super happy with Stitch Fix, I now know what exactly I need to communicate with my stylist for the next box. Communication is important, which is why I recommend sending a Pinterest board that has your exact style.

I will be receiving another Stitch Fix soon and I am excited to see what my stylist sends me next time! I will also make sure to send him more detail of my personal style. 

I  have a code that you guys can use! You will get $25 towards your Stitch Fix box! Remember you are not obligated to keep the items you can always return them as I did. $25 will automatically be applied when you schedule your first stitch fix here.

Stitch Fix Denim
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