How To Build A Summer Capsule Wardrobe


It dawned on me recently that I have a capsule wardrobe. Normally when I think of a capsule wardrobe I think of basic items such as chambray tops, striped shirts, and blouses. While those pieces are great essentials to have those items just do not reflect my day to day style, so I just assumed that I have a normal wardrobe. However, I know this to not be true now, as I have slowly been refining my wardrobe quarterly. I mentioned several times before on the blog that I choose to shop seasonally rather than weekly or monthly. This just saves me so much money and I find that by doing this I am able to actually wear the items that I own without feeling like I never have anything to wear. Today I wanted to share with you my exact tips to create an effective Summer Capsule wardrobe.


Before we can go any further, for those of you who are new to this we need to talk about what a capsule wardrobe is, why you need one and how it will benefit you in the long run.  In a nutshell, a capsule wardrobe is a small curated wardrobe of essentials that you can style multiple ways.



Normally when you think of a capsule wardrobe most automatically think of a boring wardrobe with not much color or statement pieces. However, this post I am going to show you how to curate a stylish capsule wardrobe that infuses statement pieces with the more traditional pieces. My goal is to show women that a capsule wardrobe does not have to consist of basic pieces that lack color and depth.


When I create my capsule wardrobe for the season I always start with my style goals in mind. Creating goals for your style will help you be strategic when it comes to the items you shop for and how you style them. Along with style goals, I always make sure to keep lifestyle needs in mind.  For example, during the winter, I’m most likely in the house because I work from home, but I occasionally run a few errands once a week. With this in mind, I make sure that my wardrobe reflects where I will be 95 % of the time. Normally what happens is we tend to shop for the items we like, but because they aren’t functional for our day to day we leave them in our closet. For my Summer capsule wardrobe because I am always on the go and occasionally there are some random trips or events I like to be prepared for. I like to have a collection of getting up and go jumpsuits and rompers. Even if I do not have any planned trips. I try to think to keep travel essentials in my capsule wardrobe plan as well.

I also consider how I want to feel during each season, do I want to feel more polished and in control, or do I want to feel edgy, relaxed and comfortable. Attaching emotion to how I want to dress really gives me a good idea of the type of materials I should consider when purchasing new items.


Everyone's wardrobe essential looks different based on their style preferences color palette etc.  I know many women whose wardrobe essentials are statement pieces, that includes tons of colors and prints. So your color palette is based on how vibrant and diverse you want your wardrobe to be. Only limiting yourself to neutral colors can really restrict your ability to have fun in your wardrobe.

I recently wrote a post, about creating a color palette for your wardrobe here.

I go into more detail about creating a color palette in the “90 Days Of Chic” ebook. I also show you how to maximize your wardrobe using color, textures, and prints.

You can learn more about “90 Days Of Chic” here.

Your capsule wardrobe can have anywhere between 25- 50 pieces. In the “90 Days Of Chic” ebook we’ve included 34 items giving you three months worth of outfit ideas. This shows you that it’s not necessarily about how many items you have in your wardrobe, but how creative you can be.

Within those 34 items, you can split that number up for the items you want to include. I recommend having more tops than bottoms because bottoms can easily be styled without noticing that they are the same pants.

When creating your color palette the most important factor is focusing on your Base Colors & Accent Colors. You don’t have to limit yourself to certain colors, with most capsule wardrobes neutral colors are often the most recommend because it gives you wiggle room to build off of what you already have.


A functional capsule wardrobe should include a healthy amount of statement pieces and basic pieces. However, it’s up to you to determine if your basic pieces are your statement pieces. I’ve worked with plenty of clients who prefer to not wear the traditional basic items and would much rather have statement pieces in your wardrobe. Which is why I try not to push this theory that you need certain items.

For more info on adding basic pieces into your wardrobe check this post out here.

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If you have found yourself feeling like this:

  • You struggle with finding clothes that look good together

  • Your daily wardrobe consists of leggings and a t-shirt except for Sundays when you go to church or special occasions.

  • You don’t want to think about what you should wear the next day and would prefer someone to guide you with your outfit choices.

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