The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Wardrobe.


As a busy momma, and business owner who happens to love fashion, it's super important for me to always look good. But!! Believe it or not, most days I do not look so put together, per Instagram standards. But, for the most part, whether I am working from home or a cute little coffee shop, I always try my best to look stylish easily.

But I know this may not be the case for everyone, I get it, life is hard we get busy, while we often put our appearance on the back burner.  Maybe you've gained a bit of weight, just had a baby, landed your dream job or maybe you just don't care. Regardless of what your situation  may be you're here! And I'm so excited to meet you (Hey Girl!)  and share with you my wardrobe staples that keep me looking stylish. 

Whether you want to believe it or not, style, your appearance really means a lot. I mean if you're trying to land your dream job, impress a new boo, or you just need an extra boost to feel even more confident, then you probably want to start investing in a few simple items to keep your wardrobe stylish, cohesive and functional.

How To Find Your Wardrobe Essentials

So how do you find your wardrobe essentials? Well, first it starts with examining your lifestyle getting serious about what you should and shouldn't be adding into your wardrobe. 

Examining your lifestyle allows you to maximize your wardrobe and shop with true purpose and intention. You want to first start by where you spend the majority of your time. Are you at work 40 hours out of the week? If so then you need to make sure that your wardrobe reflects those 40 hours. If you work out three times out of the week, you need to make sure that you have the proper items to make working out effective and as comfortable as possible. So examine your lifestyle, followed by , writing out a list of all the items that you would need for each area. After you have made your list, go through your closet, to see if you already have those items there. If so, organize your wardrobe in a way that allows you to find those items easier.

Get Rid Of Closet Fillers

It's ok to let go!

There is an emotional attachment that many of us have with things. Some things are understandable, for example, I have my great grandmothers quilt that she made from hand. Though it's not a clothing item,  it's something that will be with me forever and I have no intention of letting it go. However, I have several tops from my college years that I am holding on to, not because I want to fit in it again. But, because I am secretly holding on to the idea and memory of that feeling I had in college, I made the decision to toss those items..  So be mindful of things you're holding on to that is truly sentimental and things that just give you great memories of being in shape and thin again. (cough cough me )

For a complete closet detox guide check out this blogpost here.


The type of items you need in your wardrobe

Staple Pieces are my favorite items to shop for. In my opinion your staple pieces are the items that can be styled multiple ways. They are always the item that you're reaching for and once it's worn out you are ok with shopping for a similar item. Staple items are not your wardrobe basics such as t-shirts and tanks. For example, during the summer  my staple items would be my jumpsuits which can be styled with a denim jacket, layered over a basic such as a t-shirt. Another staple of mines is wide leg pants. My wide leg pants for me would not be a basic, where as my denim mom jeans would be considered a basic.

You will notice that my staple items are not simple at all, I love buying items that are a bit trendy because it makes styling my basic pieces easier and less complicated. For you your staple and basic pieces are probably completely different as they should be.

Basic Wardrobe Pieces

Your Basic pieces are items that you can pair with your staple pieces.Your basics are your denim jeans, leggings, t-shirts etc. They give your wardrobe more function, and freedom to develop your personal style

For example, my normal outfit combination typically consist of jeans + t-shirt+ some type of cardigan or kimono. I tend to follow the third piece rule, which helps me figure out what items I should be adding into my wardrobe.

To help you out along the way I’ve created the wardrobe essentials guide.

I'm sure you have seen many wardrobe essential guides floating through these Pinterest streets. Many are just an image with what to add to your wardrobe if your style fits a certain category. I created my Essentials guide to be a thought starter, helping you figure out what items you could purchase if you don't know where to start. Or maybe you have similar items in your wardrobe that you haven't considered styling yet. Perhaps this is you, head over here to download your wardrobe essentials guide, which includes a few other fun worksheets that will help you determine what to add to your closet. Along with my top favorite stores to shop for essentials.

Ok, let's get to it.

Most get the idea that a Wardrobe Essentials list, is a blueprint on how to cultivate a sense of style. And that's not the case, well in my case it's not. Cultivating your style is something that can't be generalized as boho chic, or preppy, or feminine because I believe that our style is multifaceted

So if you're thinking that a wardrobe essentials guide will finally make you "style goals" it won't. But it will give you a deep understanding of what you could possibly add into your wardrobe or items that could be put to use that you already own.

All you have to do is click here, to download your copy.


Statement T-shirts

Basic Tops