The Ultimate Bath Time Routine For Toddlers

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Toddler Bath Time Routine, johnsons baby, trust in gentle, choose gentle

When India was a newborn, she had to stay in the NICU for 5 days. This was a very difficult time as I was discharged from the hospital leaving her there.

But during her stay in the NICU, the nurses were extremely helpful when it came to recommending products. JOHNSON’S® Baby was the product that was recommended to us. I was very familiar with their products because, JOHNSON’S® Baby was what my mother used for me. So from the very moment, we brought India home JOHNSON’S® Baby products has been an essential for our nightly bath time routine.


Bath Time Routine

Bath time is our favorite time of the day. India always looks forward to her bath and it's one of the very few things that we do with no struggle. When she was a teeny tiny newborn, she was very colicky I had no clue how to keep her calm. One day as I was running her bath, I realized that the sound of water immediately soothed her. As you can imagine, a new mom, with a colicky newborn I was more than relieved by how much water soothed her.

Well now, depending on the time of day or India's mood, usually determines what time I will give her a bath. Sometimes I will give her a bath before her nap time, sometimes before her bedtime or whenever she runs to the bathtub to let me know that she would like to take a bath.

I always make sure that the bathroom is warm before she enters. India is very picky and I've had to learn what makes her feel comfortable.  This took some getting used to because although the bath water could be warm the bathroom temp has to be warm as well If not, she will refuse to take a bath. 


Toddler Bath Time Routine, johnsons baby, trust in gentle, choose gentle

We are currently using the JOHNSON’S® Baby COTTONTOUCH™ Newborn Wash & Shampoo followed by the JOHNSON’S® Baby Cotton Touch face & body lotion. What I love about the COTTONTOUCH™ Newborn Wash & Shampoo is that it really lathers on leaving her clean and smelling so good.

But most importantly, I love the fact that it's:

  • 100% gentle, and free of parabens, and phthalates which is what I tend to look for in any of the products that I use for India and myself as well.

  • It's  Dye free, sulfate free, worry free. Any product that is sulfate free is a plus for us, especially when it comes to India's hair.

  • The best part is that it's functional so you could add a pump top! Which makes bath time so much easier when your toddler is a very playful busybody in the tub.

As a millennial mom who grew up using JOHNSON’S® Baby products I am excited to see them as a company that has been around for 100 years continue to evolve as well. The JOHNSON’S® Baby products are a new formula while maintaining  the safest ingredients. 

Toddler Bath Time Routine, johnsons baby, trust in gentle, choose gentle

We picked these products up from our local Walgreens. If you're familiar with Chicago, then you know that there is a Walgreens on just about every corner. Literally! It's so convenient. There is a Walgreens within walking distance from us, often during our morning walk we will make a stop at Walgreens to pick up any other tidbits that we may need.

Even the hospital where India was born, there was a Walgreens attached. This was very convenient for us, as when I was discharged I didn't have to stop at a separate Walgreens store.

Rinse...Lather... Repeat

While India is in the tub I like to lather her hair with a good conditioner after I wash it with the  JOHNSON’S® Baby COTTONTOUCH™ Newborn Wash & Shampoo. I will rinse the conditioner out once and then re-apply leaving it in so her curls can stay moist. Sometimes, I will mix her conditioner with coconut oil or olive oil for added moisture.

I will even add a bit of oil to her bath water which is great during the colder months, when skin tends to dry the most. Once she is out of the tub we use the JOHNSON’S® Baby COTTONTOUCH™ newborn face & body lotion. Which smells so good, I'm a little guilty of using the lotion for myself. 

The scent is amazing, it absorbs fast, feels incredibly soft (cotton touch)

Another trick that I learned while India was in the NICU was baby massages. India loves to get her feet rubbed. So I always make it a habit to rub her little toes, which really calms her down and makes her sleepy.  When I was exclusively nursing, I would then nurse her to sleep. But we are no longer nursing as of June. Which means we are slowly weaning her from the pacifier. She does really well without it through out the day, but during her nap time she reaches for it. 

Toddler Bath Time Routine, johnsons baby, trust in gentle, choose gentle

Story-time and extra cuddles

Cuddle time is crucial for India. She just loves to be cuddled and held, no matter what. Sometimes throughout the day she will stop what she is doing and reach, for me to give her a little hug. Before bedtime, we will either sit and go over her letters and numbers or will read one of her favorite books. However, sometimes we skip this step because she get's so excited while reading, that she will not lay down for her bed-time. I then like to turn on her humidifer which has a little  light nthat comes on as well. This just sets the tone for her bedtime and over time she has gotten used sleeping in her bed.

It has taken me a while to create a routine for India, being a mom has it's challenges  so I am really grateful for products such as JOHNSON’S® Baby along with the convenience of Walgreens being there for those last minute store runs.

Make sure you head over to your local Walgreens to buy 1 get 1 50% off with balance rewards card. Valid: 7/29- 8/25

Toddler Bath Time Routine, johnsons baby, trust in gentle, choose gentle